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Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope

Trying to give Abigail what she wants, John Marston bought his own ranch and tries to become a real farmer with the help of his friends


John Marston’s post-bandit life had its ups and downs. Due to numerous problems with the hero’s behavior, his wife left him (for a time) and took his son. Not without help from Mr. Geddes, he managed to buy his own ranch. However, the estate is far from perfect: a measly hut stands instead of a normal house, and Uncle is playing the role of an old toothless dog.

Now, having settled at a new place, John must try to become a farmer and a family man. His old friends and enemies will help (and interfere) with his plans – the above-mentioned Uncle, Sadie and even the traitor Micah, who is somewhere close.

From the beginning of this chapter, you have access to only one main task, so you will not have to choose. In this walkthrough, we will analyze quests in order of their appearance on the map, storyline logic and convenience: the nearest mission comes first.

In addition, detailed instructions on getting gold medals in all storyline missions are given in our walkthrough. If you are solely interested in the conditions for obtaining gold medals at the end of the quests, follow this link without wasting time on searching the necessary information.

Bare Knuckles Friendships

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-1

Having built the fence around Beecher’s Hope, John will go to check on the Uncle, who is sleeping in their hut. The old man’s justification for his worthlessness is the lumbago. Marston has a lot of things to worry about, so he is not going to waste his time on the lazy old man – one kick, and the parasite is already back on his feet, sharing useful information: Charles Smith is alive and is in Saint Denis.

The characters go to the city by train. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, Charles must be found in one minute and fifty seconds. As soon as you get full control over the hero (first, you will need to follow Uncle), run to north-east to your horse, calling it with a whistle. Climb into the saddle and ride towards Doyle’s Tavern that is highlighted on the mini-map.

Ask the bartender about Charles – apparently, the former member of the van der Linde gang is into illegal fist fights. The battle arena is located to the north from the saloon, near the church of Saint Saturnines. Get out into the street, go around the building counterclockwise and run forward until you see Uncle – the old man also managed to learn about Smith’s whereabouts.

The characters will find Charles – he is preparing to lose the upcoming fight in exchange for money. Having met John, the warrior will decide to put an end to this farce and place a bet on his own victory at a nearby bookie. If you want to earn 40 dollars, we advise you to follow his example and place a bet too.

Hold L2/LT during the fight to focus on Charles and get a chance to support him (‘’square’’/X) or boo (‘’circle’’/B). Regardless of your cheerleader skills, Smith will win the fight. With his trick, the victorious man earned some good money but also made several dangerous enemies.

The hero will propose Charles to get a shelter in Beecher’s Hope. The lone wolf will agree, but first he needs to take his belongings from the steamer on which he hoped to escape after violating the terms of the deal regarding his intentional loss. Uncle will go about his own business, while Marston will have to follow Smith to the pier. On the way, the characters will discuss Arthur’s role in John’s escape and the fate of other gang members.

On the pier, the characters will be met by four minions of Guido Martelli – the ex-employee of Angelo Bronte. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to eliminate the whole quartet in ten seconds – use the Dead Eye mode and make headshots. If you do not have enough charge for the time slowdown, activate it incrementally – one activation per person.

At the end of the shootout, get on the cart ahead – Charles will take his belongings, join you and take control of the cart. Surprisingly, you will not need to shoot at anyone. The characters will discuss the place of the meeting with Uncle and the corruption in the local police. Having met the old man, the heroes will move towards Beecher’s Hope.

Home Improvement for Beginners

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-16

Having rescued Charles from Saint Denis, John will find himself on the ranch. At this stage, two quests will be available to you – a mission from Sadie and a mission from Uncle. One of them is located very close, while the other one is in Blackwater, so the choice is obvious – we go to see the old man. The characters will sit down by the fire near the hut that performs the function of the roof over their heads and will start discussing housekeeping.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-17

Charles will not take an active role in the conversation, while Uncle will talk a lot. His tirade towards Marston and his wife can be summarized as follows: the house in Beecher’s Hope is no good – you need to demolish it to build something new and more suitable for living with the whole family (and one slacker).

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete it in 18 seconds. Typically, we would have recommended skipping the cutscenes to save time as the game loves to add their duration to the gameplay time. However, the situation is different in this mission – the cutscene is somehow considered a part of the gameplay, so you must watch it to get the gold medal.

Otherwise, it’s an easy task: once you have control over the hero, deflect the left stick towards you and quickly press ‘’cross’’/A. After you have done this for about ten seconds, the heroes will demolish the hut. According to Uncle, all that you need to do is to buy a new home in Cakes Hardwood & Timber catalogue.

An Honest Day’s Labors

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-20

Having demolished your temporary house, go to the Blackwater saloon to meet Sadie. She caught a dangerous criminal, Shane Finley, who was wanted in five states, but her competitor James Langton kidnapped him. Now, he is hiding in the desert that is located to the south from Blackwater, and the heroes want to deal with the villain.

Prepare for the trip and follow Sadie – on the way to the goal, the characters will discuss the surviving members of the gang (Charles, Dutch) and their plan to kill Micah (it’s still too early to execute this plan). Having reached the edge of the cliff above Armadillo, your companion will propose to dismount and explore the valley. You can do it using binoculars or sniper rifle.

Look at a group of horsemen who ride from the city to the nearby canyon – Finley will be on one of the horses. Get back on your horse and follow Sadie – she will lead you to the ledge above Langton’s temporary lair. Having inspected the gorge, your companion will propose to decide on a plan: try to negotiate, act quietly or start an immediate shootout.

Since you are given only five minutes to get Finley back (if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission), choose the option ‘’Shoot the gang’’ – the remaining options take too much time. Also, to get the gold medal, you need to finish the mission with an accuracy level of at least 70% and you should not use health and stamina-restoring items.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-25

As soon as both sides open fire, kill several opponents below. If you play this mission with your main character, do not hesitate to use the Dead Eye mode – most enemies will be at a distance, so some help in aiming would not hurt. However, if you are replaying the mission, you have to be patient and save the Dead Eye mode charge for upcoming events.

The fastest way to deal with the enemies is to make headshots, so use the advantages of auto aim if you do not have enough charge of the time slowdown: release L2/LT after killing an enemy and, having transferred the sight to another one, hold it again – you will only have to slightly deflect the stick to the upside to make a headshot. The alternative option is to take a sniper rifle and stop worrying about the distance.

Having eliminated most enemies in the lower part of the canyon, pay attention to the enemies that come from the east. Kill them and follow Sadie, dealing with enemies along the way. Advice: if you see more than two enemies right in front of you, search for shelter. Wounds not only lead to the hero’s death but also damage his sight.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-28

As soon as you descend to Finley, three horsemen will enter the canyon to intercept the heroes. While John will take Finley on his shoulder, Sadie will call the horses. Put Shane on your horse and rush to exit. Langton’s men will try to stop you, and you will need to kill them all to get the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-29

The task is complicated by the five-minute limit which includes your equestrian escape. In this section, you need to kill your enemies quickly – but you must be careful in order not to miss anyone. Switch to the extended mini-map to see enemies from afar and use time slowdown to facilitate aiming. You’ll also benefit from knowing the opponents’ positions.

As soon as all enemies are dead, rush to the exit from the canyon – a cutscene will begin, and heroes will find themselves in Blackwater’s whereabouts. Take Finley to prison (you can hit him in the head a couple of times) and put him into an open cell to get your well-deserved reward – 200 dollars.

The Tool Box

Go to Blackwater – in the west of the city, you will find the Cakes Hardwood & Timber store of which Uncle was talking about. The owner of the store, Albert Cakes, sells prefabricated houses – John is ready to buy one of them. Skinner Brothers are haunting the area, so Charles will hire a couple of bodyguards to transfer materials.

Before going to Beecher’s Hope, the characters will visit Manzanita Post to get construction tools from the local blacksmith, a Norwegian. On the way to the goal, Marston will talk to Willard Wayne, one of the bodyguards, on racial and family topics. Having arrived at the site, talk to Nils – when he loads the cart, you’ll be free to move on.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-36

On the way to Beecher’s Hope, your caravan will be ambushed by Skinner Brothers. Mr. Wayne will be wounded, while the remaining characters – John, Charles and the second bodyguard – will have to shoot back. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you must complete it using solely pistols/revolvers and you should avoid using health and stamina-restoring items.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-37

Take your favorite colt out from the holster and start methodically shooting enemies – Marston will begin the battle hiding behind a fallen tree, and we advise you to stay under cover to avoid health problems. You should not care about accuracy or speed at this point, so save the Dead Eye mode charge and do not let Skinners with machete come close to you as this will lead to instant death.

Having dealt with the enemy attack, the heroes will notice the loss of tools and the disappearance of Mr. Wayne. From now on, you have two minutes and fifteen seconds to find the bodyguard. If you fail to do it in the specified time limit, you will not get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Once you have control over the character, run down the slope to the fallen tree and take cover behind it. Another ‘’golden’’ condition is to kill two Skinners who are hiding in the trees with headshots (see the screenshot above).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-40

As you need to get to Wayne in a relatively short period of time, and there are many enemies on your way to the goal, use the Dead Eye mode to eliminate many opponents in a small period of time and/or the enemies with machete who have come too close to you. The mission will not advance further until you kill everyone so there is no need to rush forward without paying attention to your enemies.

Having cleared the way to Mr. Wayne, run to the yellow area highlighted on the mini-map. Here, the heroes will find the stolen toolbox and the mercenary who is nailed to a tree with an ax. Pick up the tools – Charles will take the corpse – and put them back into the cart. Pick up the reigns, wait for your comrade and return to Beecher’s Hope to begin unloading materials.

A New Jerusalem

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-43

The materials are delivered, the tools are ready – you just need to build the house. Uncle will volunteer to lead the construction while John and Charles will do the hard work. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete it in 3 minutes and 35 seconds, so we advise to skip the cutscenes during replay – the characteristics of the hero play no role in this quest.

Your first task is to move the bars from one place to another and nail them down to the base. The transportation is simple – you deflect the left stick in the necessary direction and wait until the characters reach the right place. Next, you need to press ‘’cross’’/A in time to maintain the rhythm. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to do this with an 80% accuracy.

After a few more rounds of nailing bars to the base, the foundation will be ready, and the heroes will start building walls and the roof. Pull the wooden blank to yourself using the left stick and, without releasing the analogue, quickly press ‘’cross’’/A to set it in a proper position. By the evening, the ‘’skeleton’’ of the house will be ready. You will need to connect the components of the house with nails on the next morning.

After another working day, the walls and the roof of the future Marston mansion will be close to their final shape – you will only need to tile the roof. This is done using the hammer. The last task for today is to cover the roof ridges. Just press ‘’cross’’/A until the work is finished, and the characters announce that the construction is completed.

Having done the job, John will sit down to write a letter to Abigail, in which he will describe everything he had to go through for the sake of their new home. A few days later, the house will be fully prepared for guests – you only need the barn for cattle, but the heroes will deal with this task in the next storyline mission.

A Quick Favor for an Old Friend

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-53

John will find Uncle sleeping under the tree. Marston will once again accuse the old man of parasitism, while the heroes on the farm need food. Beecher’s Hope is not suitable for agriculture or cattle breeding, but it is good for pasturing. For this, the heroes need a barn that they do not yet have. Fortunately, according to an old man, they live in the industrial era and they can buy everything they need just like they have bought a house.

Prepare for the road and ride to Albert Cakes in Blackwater. John will choose the barn and agree to deliver the product to Beecher’s Hope, but the heroes do not have the money to buy it. Ansel Atherton will not be able to help the beginner farmers. As soon as Marston and Uncle lose hope, Sadie Adler will come with a new dangerous job offer.

A criminal Ramon Cortez from Del Lobo gang is hiding on the Painted Sky Ranch to the south-west from Valentine. Having arrived at the site, go to check the barn. You will not have to spend much time looking for the gangster as he will attack the protagonist from the back. Break out of the grip (quickly press ‘’circle’’/B), hit the bastard and knock him out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-58

The heroes will put Cortez on the horse and take him to Rhodes prison – just follow Mrs. Adler. On the road, the criminal will promise to pay generously, more than any reward, if you take him to Dewberry Creek. Out characters are incorruptible, so they won’t be tempted by money – the road to the place of destination will be easy.

Once you get to Rhodes, get off your horse and take Cortez on your shoulder. Go to the office of the local sheriff – this position has not been occupied by Lee Gray for a couple of years. John will throw the criminal into the cell, and the heroes will just have to wait when the bandit is taken to Saint Denis for execution. Unfortunately, Ramon’s men will get to him earlier than law enforcement officers, so you will have to fight.

The first condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission is to make Cortez men retreat in half a minute. To do this, just kill several enemies while standing in the doorway. When bandits retreat, run into the street and try to kill at least one enemy while shooting from the hip (i.e. not aiming with L2/LT). You will need to neutralize three more opponents in this style to get the gold medal, but at this stage killing one bandit from the hip will be sufficient.

Having scared the thugs out of the city, the heroes will hear an explosion behind – Cortez’ men have blown up the prison to free (successfully) their boss. The reward for capturing Ramon is postponed, but Sadie will manage to bargain an additional 75 dollars from the sheriff for re-arresting the villain. You know where to find the criminal as he mentioned Dewberry Creek.

On the way to the bandits’ meeting place, the characters will discuss the specifics of the mercenary profession and how Sadie copes with them. Having arrived at the site, the heroes will climb onto an abandoned barn and look at the temporary bandit camp. Mrs. Adler will head directly towards the target, while you will have to cover her from your observation post.

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to make five headshots during the sniper section. Four thugs gathered by the fire under the bridge – having killed one of them with a headshot, turn on the Dead Eye mode and shoot the remaining ones before they can run for cover. As soon as all the ‘’initial’’ opponents are dead, two more enemy pairs will run from under the bridge and from the slope in the south-west.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-69

Having eliminated all the opponents in sight, get down to Sadie at her call. If you haven’t yet made the sufficient number of killings from the hip, it’s high time to work on this now. The easiest way to shoot accurately in this style is to aim at the enemy by pressing L2/LT and then release the button. The invisible sight will still be aimed at the enemy when the hero makes his next shot.

Do not stay in the open place for too long because you cannot use medicines if you plan to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. So, having made the required number of killings from the hip, immediately search for cover and focus on effective elimination of enemy forces. The time slowdown will speed up the process, but you have nowhere to hurry.

Once you reach the lake shore, take your sniper rifle and fire at the boat several times – Cortez uses it to escape. Under any circumstances, do not kill the criminal himself or the mission will be failed. Once Ramon moors his boat, he will be quickly tied up, but the heroes will still have to deal with the last enemy wave.

If you need, shoot from the hip or just finish off the thugs – there’ll be no more than a dozen of them. At the end of the battle, pick up Cortez and put him on Sadie’s horse. On the way back to Rhodes, the villain will first threaten the heroes and then try to bribe them. Ultimately, he will swear of his honesty but ‘’negotiations’’ will come to a standstill due to lack of trust between the parties.

This time, a ‘paddy wagon’’ will be waiting for Cortez near the prison. Having put the criminal inside, the sheriff will promise to pay the reward (and the extra $75) when Ramon successfully gets to Saint Denis. Marston will ask Sadie to send his share to the bank. By the time the protagonist returns to his ranch, the barn will be already built.

Uncle’s Bad Day

We do not know how Charles and a lazy man like Uncle managed to build a barn in a couple of hours while John and Sadie were chasing Cortez, but since the work is done it should be celebrated. The next morning after the drinking bout, the characters will find out that the old man is missing. Marston will try to joke, but the case is more serious than it seems – the elderly parasite was kidnapped by Skinners.

Having mounted their horses, the heroes will ride to the Tall Trees area where the Skinners have allegedly settled. On the way to the goal, Charles will propose to discuss what they will do if Uncle’s wounds are incompatible with normal life, but John will decide to figure everything out when they arrive at the site. The heroes will hear a scream from the forest and decide to hide their horses in the trees, moving forward on foot.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-80

Follow Charles until you stumble upon a pair of Skinners. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to kill five enemies with a headshot from a bow, so you should start collecting frags right now. If you wish, you can activate the Dead Eye mode to make two headshots in a row– otherwise, your companion will kill the second enemy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-81

Next, a patrol of three savages will be on heroes’ way. To go unnoticed, just squat and don’t move. If you want to replenish your headshot collection, do not be afraid – you will not lose immediately if you are detected, but you will still have to act fast (use time slowdown) so that enemies do not make much noise.

Follow Charles who will lead you to the road. The heroes will notice a cart and a man dragged behind it. Follow the cart to Skinners’ camp and take your bow once it stops. The coachman will jump from his seat and head to the poor fellow to pick him up. It will be significantly more difficult to shoot the enemy head when a body will be on his shoulder, so do not hesitate and shoot straight away.

Finally, the heroes will get to Skinners’ deserted lair – use your binoculars to detect Uncle who is tied to a wooden construction. John will not have the time to do anything as one of the savages will attack him from the back – Charles will help his comrade but fall victim of another attack. The time slowdown will be turned on, and the hero will have the chance to shoot the attacker in the head.

At this point, the stealth section will come to an end, and we will proceed to a mass shootout. Descend to the camp and take cover behind the rickety barn. Do not worry If you still lack the headshots from a bow – a Skinner will be standing right in front of the protagonist. Once you kill him, another one will take his place.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-88

Use time slowdown only in the case of emergency as you will need its charge for the next stage of the quest. Having completed the required number of headshots from the bow, focus on accuracy – to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, your accuracy level should not fall below 80%. In this situation, two hits in the torso are better than one miss and one headshot.

As soon as all Skinners in the area are dead, the heroes will free the burned and rugged Uncle, and Charles will lead him towards the horses. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to deliver the old man to Beecher’s Hope in three minutes and ten seconds. In this regard, move ahead of your allies and kill everyone who stands on your way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-91

At this stage, headshots are preferred but not required. If you made a miss, immediately turn on the Dead Eye mode – your sight will already be in the area of the enemy head which will significantly decrease the charge consumption level. Do not expose yourself to enemy attacks as otherwise, you will have trouble complying with the restriction of medicines’ usage.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-92

Sit on the horse that is ‘’parked’’ near the Skinners’ camp and follow Charles who took Uncle with him. An opponent will jump on the road – two more will follow. If you wish, you can simply ride over them and shoot or spare the remaining enemies – this will have no impact on the speed of your escape and allow you to keep the accuracy level above the gold medal threshold.

Once the characters return to Beecher’s Hope, John will help to take the old man from the horse and go to thoughtfully look far away. Having laid Uncle so that he can rest, Charles will return and discuss the quiet life perspectives with the protagonist: most Skinners have been eliminated, so there is nothing to worry about. Hoping that Abigail will soon return, Marston will take on farming work.

The last part of this mission is not interactive (so it is a cutscene) and is called ‘’The Best of Women’’. Finally, Marston’s wife and son have returned and brought a dog named Rufus with them. According to Abigail, the dog is ‘’loyal, dumb and angry’’ – an animal copy of Marston. Jack will rush to inspect the house, and the parents will follow their child.

Trying Again

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-97

Two missions are available to John after the reunion from the family – one from Abigail and one from Jack. To advance in the storyline, you need to complete both. We will start with son’s mission. The father will propose to go fishing. Marston will not accept a refusal, so the male part of the family (Uncle does not count) will go to the river accompanied by Rufus.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-98

The first condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission is to complete the quest in five minutes and 20 seconds. You will not be able to ride a horse or run to the river, so just hold the sprint button (‘’cross’’/A) to walk a little faster than usual. After a few awkward attempts to start a proper conversation, father and son will reach the place of destination and take their fishing rods.

If you need advice on fishing, we recommend refreshing the mission ‘’A Fisher of Men’’ in your memory. At this stage, all that you need to get a gold medal at the end of the mission is to catch one fish. You should keep the fish that you have caught regardless of its size. As soon as you hear that Jack is worried about Rufus, drop your fishing rod and go searching for the dog.

Run to the south-east until you see an indicator on the mini-map. Having arrived at the site at a fast pace – we remind you that you need to complete the quest in five minutes and twenty seconds – rush back to Jack. He has already found Rufus – the dog was bitten by the snake, and the boy is seriously worried. Deflect the left stick towards yourself to take the paw in your hand. Hold R2/RT to suck out the poison and ‘’cross’’/A to spit it out. Repeat thrice.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-103

John will carry the dog to Beecher’s Hope, where Abigail will join the rescue operation. The son will state that the dog would not have suffered if they did not go fishing, but Marston will respond with his father’s wisdom that would unite the whole family. By the way, the dog will ultimately survive.

A Really Big Bastard

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete this quest in seven minutes and fifteen seconds. It is unlikely that you will manage to complete the quest in the specified timeframe in your first attempt, so we advise you to skip all cutscenes except for the first one (the same bug as in ‘’Home Improvement for Beginners’’) in the replay. The game may not stop the timer during cutscenes, greatly complicating your task.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-104

Before or after the mission ‘’Trying Again’’, Abigail will be sitting in the living room of your house opposite the fireplace. John will have no time to ask whether he has paid off his sins by buying Beecher’s Hope and building a mansion as Jack will shout that Sadie had arrived. Mrs. Adler did not come empty-handed. As usual, she offers a well-paid but dangerous work.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-105

The news that Marston was involved in bounty hunting is an unpleasant surprise for his wife – she thought that he is done with this type of jobs – but John will explain that he borrowed a significant sum of money from the bank and that he needs to pay off his debt. Reluctantly, Abigail will let her husband go to search for the next criminal accountant of Sadie, but she will forbid chasing Micah.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-106

Get on your horse and follow Sadie to Tall Trees. On the way to the goal, John will confess that he wants to make a proposal to Abigail – a suitable ring was in the bag that Arthur gave to John. Mrs. Adler will respond with a thought that is probably shared by all players: ‘’I guess I thought you were married already, long ago’’.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-107

Sadie’s goal is an accountant named Marshall Thurwell who decided to become a forester after robbing his own office. Having arrived at an abandoned temporary camp that has survived a bear attack, turn on the Eagle Eye mode to see the tracks leading from the camp. As soon as Adler’s widow inspects the site of the attack, you will be able to move on.

Don’t go far from the highlighted route (activate the ability again if the charge runs low) – ultimately, the characters will find a mutilated corpse near the destroyed hut. Speaking from the ruins of the building, Thurwell will state that he is not going to go anywhere until the monster is still alive. John and Sadie will convince the accountant to overcome his fear, but a huge bear will soon attack them from the back.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-110

The attack will not kill the heroes, but they will be knocked down. By the time John is back on his feet, the animal will be ready to conduct another attack. The time slowdown will turn on automatically – you will need to make at least four shots at the bear to fulfill another condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission. You will not be able to kill the beast in any case so don’t waste your time trying to do this.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-111

You can’t stop the bear with pistol bullets, so the animal will start fiercely pushing Marston. As soon as you can, quickly press ‘’circle’’/B to break free. Before the bear runs away, you will have a couple of seconds to make the required number of shots at the animal. Together, the heroes will be able to drive the beast away.

Having lured Thurwell out from his shelter, Sadie will knock him out and put on her horse. Ride to Blackwater until you face two horsemen – these are Sadie’s competitors. Do not wait for the official start of the confrontation – turn on the Dead Eye mode and kill the enemies with headshots – this is the last condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-114

At the end of the quick shootout, accompany Sadie to Blackwater. Along the way, the characters will discuss a potential battle with Micah – John wants to deal with his former colleague. Mrs. Adler will promise to send your share of the remuneration for catching Thurwell to the bank and will drag (literally) the unfortunate accountant into the jail.

A New Future Imagined

At the end of the two previous missions, Uncle and Abigail will argue in the living room of your house: the old man accuses wife’s hero of heartlessness while she believes that he is simply useless. John will try to justify the parasite’s behavior, but ultimately the conversation will be interrupted by the arrival of Geddes’ cart – Abe and Duncan brought old furniture to Marstons.

Having dealt with the furniture, Abigail will propose John to spend some time together. Oddly enough, the sole condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of this romantic mission is to complete it as fast as possible (you have seven and a half minutes to deal with it). Hold the running button (‘’cross’’/A) to go faster, come to the cart and climb on it, then help Abigail get on the cart.

Rush to Blackwater at full speed. You can go straight through the fields but be careful or you can crash into something and lose time instead of saving it. Along the way, John will propose making a family portrait – Abigail will laugh at his narcissism but agree. Once you get to the photo studio, wait for your future wife which will go to the drapery, and then go together to the studio.

Inside, an inattentive but extremely helpful manager will await the characters. Choose any backdrop and any pose to save time. Do not waste time on the preview image, quickly press ‘’cross’’/A to finally make a portrait. Photographer’s services will cost 5 dollars, and the resulting image can be seen in the appropriate section of Rockstar’s Social Club.

Get out of the building and go to the other side of the street to the theater – Abigail has never been on ‘’one of them moving picture shows’’. It is not necessary to watch the show until the end – Abigail won’t let John go but she will allow him to skip the concert.

Coming out of the theater, go around the building counterclockwise and move south while the hero tries to gather his thoughts. As soon as you see a quest on the mini-map, a cutscene will begin (if you have come close enough to your target). John will find an ownerless boat near the shore, put Abigail in it and row to the middle of the lake.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-127

Now, this is the proposal moment. Hold L2/LT and then press ‘’square’’/X: Marston will knee and ask his future wife the main question of their life. At first, Abigail will not believe in what she sees, but the shiny ring and John’s perseverance will bring the woman to her senses – you won’t have to wait too long for the silent consent. However, there’s an unresolved business that needs to be done before the wedding…

American Venom

Another family meeting – this time, with Uncle’s participation – will be interrupted by Charles who will announce that Sadie has arrived. She found Micah – or, more precisely, one of his friends who can lead the characters to this traitor. Despite protests from Abigail, John decides to join the hunt, relying on the understanding of his future wife.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-131

Follow your companions to Strawberry – Cleet, Micah’s lanky friend, was last seen in the saloon of this small town. On the way to the goal, John, Sadie and Micah will discuss their plans – apparently, everyone except for Marston hope to leave America as soon as they deal with their business.

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to capture Cleet in 35 seconds – this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Once you have control over the character, cross the bridge in front and head to the post office from which your target will come out. Having noticed the heroes, the mercenary will try to flee – just run after him until Sadie intercepts the villain.

Next, you must extract the necessary information regarding Micah’s location. Cleet does not want to talk, so Sadie will propose to hang the thug after a few kicks at his face. John will take the villain and drag him to the scaffold. Use threats or pistol to make the mercenary climb the ladder and then put a rope around his neck.

Use the left stick to slowly deflect the lever that controls the hatch under the man to make Cleet talk. The mercenary will not leave the scaffold alive – Sadie will take care of this – so you can spare the bastard to earn a couple reputation points. At least, he could not tolerate Micah’s questionable moral principles.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-139
Before you get off the horse, do not forget to take a couple of rifles for long-range shootouts

The heroes will ride several days to Mount Hagen where Bell hides – John will even have the time to change into a suit that is better for the frosty climate. As you approach the site, Charles will be hit by a sniper bullet. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to kill the shooter with a headshot. Running from cover to cover while your enemy is reloading, come closer to make the headshot.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-140

Having dealt with the sniper, go back to wounded Charles to check if he is fine. He can no longer go at the speed of his healthy comrades, so he decided to follow you at his own pace. As there is no time limit for this mission, you do not need to hurry – to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you should not use medicines and complete it with at least 85% accuracy level.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-141

There are many enemies ahead, so move slowly and do not get out of the shelter more than necessary. You are not required to make headshots, so don’t strive to make them – to keep the accuracy level above the threshold, two shots in the torso are better than one miss and one headshot.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-142

At this point, the enemies will mostly sit in their shelters – you should not have problems with aiming – so save the Dead Eye mode charge. On the top of the first ascent, the characters will stumble upon a small camp – it is too small to fit Micah with ten or twenty allies. A watchtower is situated on the mountain – the traitor may be hiding there so you need to get to it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-143

We strongly recommend searching the enemies’ corpses – you are not limited on time, and there are many useful things in the pockets of your opponent including tonics that replenish the Dead Eye mode. The time slowdown will come in handy as from this stage of the quest, there’ll be few shelters and too many open spaces.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-144

On the way to the top of the mountain, the characters will be attacked by two bandits – John will quickly neutralize his opponent, while Sadie will get wounded. Fortunately, Charles will be in time to kill the thug who attacked Mrs. Adler before he can finish his dirty business. There’s nothing you can do about this situation – Marston will have to break through alone.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-145

The protagonist won’t have the time to leave his wounded friends as Joe, another Micah’s mercenary friend from the sixth chapter, will appear accompanied by two bodyguards. Do not wait for the official beginning of the shootout, slowly press R2/RT to give yourself more time in the Dead Eye mode and eliminate all enemies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-146

Switch to any long-range rifle that you have and move carefully – typically, the enemies will be located at a significant distance from the hero. There’s still no reason to hurry, so move slowly and try to detect opponents before they see Marston for the sake of his health.

Do not forget to use the advantages of the Dead Eye mode: if you have made a poor shot, immediately switch to it – your sight will already be in the area of the enemy head/chest, which will significantly reduce the consumption of the Dead Eye mode charge. If necessary, stop to restore health – wounds not only lead to the death of the hero but also spoil his sight at a time when you need accuracy.

Once you get to the place shown on the screenshot above, be careful as an enemy will appear from the rock on the right side when you pass by. You can use the time slowdown to shoot him, but it is much easier to just beat the villain – he can be knocked out with the very first blow. The main thing is to preliminary kill all nearby snipers, or the fight will become dangerous for Marston’s health.

Do not rush through the narrow passage in the rock – if you wait a little, two thugs will run into it, and you’ll be able to eliminate them from afar. Next, kill one more shooter on the platform in front and then climb the slope. Without getting to the top, look back and take cover behind a boulder on the left side to avoid becoming a victim of five gangsters who appeared out of nowhere.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-151

Having dealt with all the enemies in the nearby, move further – three more enemies are located on the way to the top. Use the Dead Eye mode so that they cannot run in different directions. Do not inspect the corpses as one more thug will soon appear from the east. Kill him and then proceed to looting.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-152

Next, five potential Micah’s lairs will appear on the mini-map. The traitor will not be in any of them, but you’ll face a number of his allies. Move from cover to cover and do not stay at the open space for too long. At this stage, you should not save the Dead Eye mode charge – oddly enough, you won’t need it later.

Once you finally reach the above-mentioned watchtower, you will face Micah. Threatening Marston with killing his wife and son, he will rush to attack. The hero will take cover behind the boxes – it is extremely dangerous to leave this shelter so throw a dynamite charge in the opponent’s lair or shoot the lamp on the tower.

Sooner or later – even if you do nothing – the enemy will move behind the wooden toilet where Sadie will take him hostage (it is not clear how she got there). The heroes’ superiority will not last long as Dutch will suddenly go out from the watchtower. Micah will use the situation, deal with Mrs. Adler and put a revolver to her temple.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Epilogue Part 2: Beecher’s Hope-158

Don’t shoot or John will die ahead of time. Moving the sight between two former comrades, try to persuade van der Linde to be prudent (‘’square’’/X) – all this time, Micah will unsuccessfully convince Marston to join their small group. Ultimately, the protagonist’s oratorical skills will tip the scales in your direction.

Dutch will shoot at Micah, and you’ll only have to finish him in the Dead Eye mode – make some memorable marks in his head in farewell. Dutch will silently go in an unknown direction, leaving John and Sadie alone with a whole chest of money and gold bars in the watchtower – Marston’s wedding will be great.

Meanwhile, anxious Abigail and Jack (and also Uncle) are waiting for John at home – Charles and Sadie will also get to Beecher’s Hope without any problems. We do recommend skipping the final cutscene or you will not see Marston’s wedding, know the fate of the surviving members of van der Linde gang and learn how agent Ross and his assistant got on the trail of the main character of Red Dead Redemption.

At this joyful (John finally has a real life) and at the same time sad (this happiness will not last long) note, our walkthrough of main storyline missions of Red Dead Redemption 2 has come to its logical end. There are many interesting things in the game world, so this epilogue is not the end of Marston’s cowboy adventures!