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Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips

A detailed guide to Soul Knight with an analysis of basic gameplay elements: the object of the game, dungeons walkthrough, battles with enemies, the living room, bonuses, statues and many other things


Soul Knight is a shooter where players go to explore dungeons full of dangerous enemies, chests with weapons, minor characters, bosses, etc.

The object of the game

After choosing the character you want, set off to explore dungeons. Although all levels are generated randomly, there are some predicted patterns.

There are two locations to pass, each of them consists of five sub-levels. At the end of the 5th sub-level of every location, there is a boss battle. All levels are numbered in the following way: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 2-1, etc. up to 3-5 where you fight the last boss.

The first location could be Dungeon or Glacier. The type of bosses and other enemies you'll face depends on the type of the location. But with bosses it’s not that simple. For example, if you start with Glacier as the first location, at the end of the level 1-5 you'll face one of the three dangerous enemies – Giant Crystal Crab, King Snow Ape, or Snowman King. If the first location is Dungeon, the game will choose one of the three other bosses automatically – Devil's Snare, Goblin Priest, or Christmas Treant.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-1

We will describe bosses in details in a separate article!

As soon as you pass all three dungeons (15 levels it total), you'll receive a special reward. After that, you can repeat the run.

For each full walkthrough, you'll receive one of the magic stones which were lost according to the plot.

Living room

Before you go to a dungeon, you'll be in the living room. The first thing you should do here – choose a character.


At the time of writing this article, there were 14 available characters in Soul Knight. Each of them has certain stats by default and a unique ability. You can find more information about them in the article ‘’Soul Knight characters guide’’, but here we will enumerate all available characters:

  • Knight
  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Elf
  • Alchemist
  • Engineer
  • Priest
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Paladin
  • Druid
  • Robot
  • Assassin
  • Berserker

Knight will be available by default. Every character can be improved – up to 6 updates maximum. It requires gems, and only one of the stats improves. Usually, the last update gives some defined passive ability. In addition, you can choose a skin for each character. It influences nothing – it's just a cosmetic function.

Living room (preparation)

All available characters are in the living room. In the middle at the top, there is the door with ‘’two swords’’, which you can use to set off on a trip into the dungeon. To the left of the passageway there are:

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-2

  • Chest – you can find here a random item before the walkthrough. You have to pay 1000 gems. One of the following items will drop: Pitchfork, Pioneer, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Snow Fox XL, Revolver, Bow, AK-47, Assault Rifle, Ninja Stars.
  • Safe – you can improve it to receive some gold (don't confuse it with gems, gold is used to buy some items during a concrete walkthrough) at the beginning of each walkthrough.
  • Fridge – it gives an access to the gems shop where you can buy them for real money, get them for free if you watch a commercial, or buy the card Free Revival Card (you can revive once in a walkthrough using gems, watching a commercial, or using this card). We don't recommend to buy the latter.
  • Gashapon Machine – you can buy a gashapon for 200 gems. If interacted with, the gashapon will crack open, some item will appear. It can be a random weapon as well as a bomb, which damages your character. A gashapon can also be empty, contain a certain amount of gems (10, 20, 60, 100, 200, 500), small or big health potions.

At the bottom on the left, there are stairs leading to the basement. Here you can see a gun collection, the bestiary of enemies you have already defeated, and lower – you can learn more about opened characters and pets. On the left of the table located in the middle of the room there are Wizard and Vampire with The Book Pile nearby. You can get an additional critical chance of improving these books for gems.

Later you can see here:

  • Plant – use your gems to improve the plant and to increase the base speed of your character.
  • Mail Guy – he gives you a daily bonus.
  • Badass Travel – allows activating Badass Mode (high difficulty mode).
  • Lucky Cat – donations for developers.
  • Pet Food – it gives additional Pet health points. Although it doesn't die, it stops attacking enemies after he received a great amount of damage.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-3

In the room on the right, there is a trader with three shelves (you can get specific items, which are renewed once in some period of time or immediately for 250 gems).

On the left of the trader, there is a TV – watch it to get the item lying opposite the TV. On the right of the trader, there are spare parts – unlocking an Engineer you can build the Robot from them, which is available for the passing of dungeons.

On the bottom right there is the chest with collected components for crafting, a little more to the left – the smith's table. You can use the latter to craft different weapons but only after you found it at least 10 times.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-4

Outside the living room there are four Garden Plots, where you can grow vegetables used as weapons.

The dungeon walkthrough (about the most interesting)

Now it's time to go to the dungeon. Every character can carry two weapons. First, which is available by default, doesn't spend any energy. All the rest will do that for sure (except melee). Let's take a look at the interface during the dungeon walkthrough:

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-5

  • In the upper left corner, there are 3 bars with numbers – red (HP), grey (armor), and blue (energy). If you lose all HP, your character dies. At the same time, you have one more chance, but you have to pay gems, the card (you can buy it in the gems shop or for real money), or watch a commercial. Grey bar or an armor protects your character's HP. While the character has armor, he will not lose his HP. Armor regenerates over time. Energy allows shooting different weapons.
  • In the lower left corner there is a virtial stick, which controls a character. You can make this stick fixed or floating in settings.
  • In the upper right corner there is a pause menu, amount of gold within this walkthrough; a bit later (after you've got to the first level room ) a map appears. A numerical indication of the current level (1-1, 3-2, etc.) is located a little bit lower.
  • Finally, in the lower right corner of the screen, there are 3 buttons necessary for control. The ‘’lightning’’' symbol allows activating a unique ability of the character. It's possible only if the ‘’lightning’’' symbol is filled and painted blue. The ‘’sight’’ symbol allows attacking enemies. Be careful – you shouldn't tap this button to use the most of weapons (it's enough to push and hold it). A weapon selection slot allows to switch between weapon types and see the amount of energy that requires for one shot (a blue rhomb with white number – from 0 to 5 depending on the power of weapons).

In each room you'll face several enemies. Your character fires at the nearest enemy in the direction your character looks. However, even if you don't look to the right, and the enemy stands to the left of your character, the latter will turn and shoot at him, but only if the enemy stands very close to you.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-6

When you defeat the first few opponents which were in the room, the second and, sometimes, the third wave will begin. As soon as all villains will be defeated, new passageways will be opened, and a chest will appear in the location. You can find energy points, gold, potions, and weapons in it.

Some enemies will attack you in close combat, others will shoot at you. It's enough to keep the distance between you and the formers, but if we're speaking about the second ones, you have to dodge shells or hide behind diverse obstacles. Metal boxes couldn't be destroyed, but wooden boxes are very fragile. Avoid wooden boxes with various colored squares indicating that they produce some effect if you destroy them:

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-7
Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-8
  • If you destroy blue boxes, freezing crystals will fly away and freeze you and enemies in contact.
  • Red boxes and barrels explode with a rather big radius. Such kind of an explosion can kill you on the first try.
  • Green and purple boxes create a toxic cloud of the respective color.

It's important to destroy boxes because there could be potions, energy points, and even gold.

Random events on the level

When passing each level (1-1, 1-2, etc.) you can find different random objects. There is some interesting room on each level surely. You'll see several symbols:

  • Curled purple symbol – a room with a portal, where you can pass to the next level;
  • Yellow exclamation mark – anything from a room with dangerous enemies (you'll receive 2 chests, one of them may contain a draft) to a crystal (you can get energy or gold), statues, or NPC (pay some amount of gold, and he will support and help you in battles, but disappears if he receives a lot of damage);
  • Orange chest – a chest with an item, a trader (you can buy items from him, often he has a TV – watch it and receive gold), 2-3 podiums with items (when you get one of them, in other items' places turrets will appear, you have to destroy them);
  • Purple helmet – a room with a boss.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-13

You can also meet Scammer – the character who allows resetting all buffs you've chosen earlier (choose them after passing certain levels, it gives an advantage on next locations during current walkthrough – press the pause button to see 6 slots for them).

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-14

You can see a vending machine (pay in gold and receive a random item), a Wishing Well (pay in gold and receive a random item), the Reforging Furnace (reforge weapons to get another one), and the Resetting Furnace (reforge weapons to get materials).

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-15
You can choose bonuses at the end of levels 1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 2-3 and 2-5

Keep in mind: the deeper you are in the dungeon, the more expensive goods will be.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-16

Save gold, choose bonuses increasing the efficiency of pets and followers, hire personages you've met at every opportunity. You can also get a follower by an interaction with the Statue of the Knight (all effects of statues you interacted activates with a special ability).

Statues worshipping and bonuses

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-17

You can acquire active perks interacting with statues and spending a certain amount of gold. For example, in the case of the Statue of the Knight when you activate a special ability, you also call a Royal Knight, who will support you for 20 seconds or disappear when takes a lot of damage. It should be noted, that such ally is weaker than common followers you hire for gold.

If you interact with 2 statues, you'll get a bonus from the last one. Learn more about in the article «Guide to statues and bonuses in Soul Knight», here you can also find information about different bonuses.

At the end of the walkthrough, even if you don't complete all 3 locations (15 levels), you'll receive gems as a reward. Youll get extra gems for all unused gold, the number of defeated enemies, and total time you've spent on levels.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't forget to take items from chests appearing after you cleaned-up rooms. Destroy wooden boxes to get energy if it's necessary.
  • Try to use a type of weapons that doesn't consume energy or consumes a minimum amount of it (1 unit per shot). On the other hand, weapons that consume a lot of energy (as the elite rocket launcher – 5 per one volley) cause a great damage. It's very useful in battles with bosses.
  • Don't forget to use the unique abilities of your character. They have a cooldown but they recover for free. There is no point to save it.
  • Try to choose one of the characters and play him for a long time leveling up various levels.
  • Visit the right room of the main screen to receive weapons for TV viewing.
  • Watch the TV near traders during the walkthrough to get gold.
  • It's better to spend gold on the recruitment of followers, bonuses from statues and various potions. Buy weapons as a last resort, because enemies drop it in quantity, or you can find it in chests.
  • Before taking an item from platforms in a room, think, do you need it? You have to fight one or two turrets if you take it.
  • Use different obstacles as covers including trees, statues, metal boxes which allow hiding from shells. This is particularly true for boss battles because bosses fire a lot of shots at once.
  • Enter the game every day to get gems as bonuses.
  • Interact with the fridge from time to time, visit the gems shop, and watch a video to get gems for free.
  • Don't forget to enter gift codes for Soul Knight, which grants you 10-12 thousands of gems from the very beginning of the game and allows to level up the Knight to 5th (next to last) level.
  • It's advisable to go to the Settings and click on the «cogwheel» symbol. There will be several buttons, but you need to find the image of the left stick which is used to control a character. Put the «lock» symbol on it to make this element fixed. In this case, it will not move outside the screen, as it could be in the case of a movable joystick.
  • There's no need to clean up all the rooms on the level – you can reach a portal and move to the next level.
  • Destroy boxes if you don't have enough energy. It's preferable to use weapons which don't consume energy.

Soul Knight Comprehensive Guide: Walkthrough and Tricks and Tips-18

  • Before a shot, enemies often have a "red exclamation mark" symbol. Use it to defend yourself.
  • Your pet is not just a decoration. First, it distracts enemies from you, secondly, it damages them. However, if your pet gets too much damage, it will be injured and become worthless.
  • Study information about bonuses at the end of levels carefully and choose truly useful ones. For example, there is no reason to use the bullets bounce bonus if you use a rocket launcher or melee. In the latter case, it's better to take the bonus, which allows reflecting shells using melee.