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Soul Knight FAQ

All you need to know about the rougelite pixel shooter: what rings are for, what skins and weapons are available, how to repair the robot, how to play onlone, and much more


All skins in Soul Knight


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These are all available character skins at the moment.

How to unlock skins in Soul Knight

Some skins can be bought with gems. You also get skins during holiday seasons such as New Year, Christmas, Easter, or Halloween.

Soul Knight FAQ-13

The 'Stay with Us' skins can only be won. Contests are held on Facebook and in the in-game social network — KTplay. Alchemist announces all official contests on KTplay, so follow him in order not to skip a new contest.

These are the only ways to get skins.

How to unlock the Robot

Soul Knight FAQ-14

You can unlock the robot only if you have unlocked the Engineer. To get the latter, you need to pay $1 or unlock using a coupon.

Where to find the Robot

Soul Knight FAQ-15
The Robot is located in the workshop, to the right of the main room. It looks like a pile of junk. Walk up to it and you'll see the message 'Maybe someone will be able to fix it'. To fix him you need 20 batteries and 20 parts, then you can find the Robot in the living room among other playable characters

How to get a coupon for a free character

You can find such coupon in the workshop. It can appear on the third table next to the trader. Keep in mind that the coupon can be used once only, so first you need to collect enough materials for repair. Then, use the coupon to unlock the engineer, and fix the robot.

Where to find the Trekking pole

Like any other weapon, it can be found in the dungeon. Besides, you can find blueprints there and create this item in the workshop. The Trekking pole significantly speeds up the character but deals no damage. It can be used by support characters in multiplayer.

What weapon colors mean

  • White — Common. The most common weapons in the game: rifles, SMGs, machine guns, pistols and shotguns.
  • Green — Uncommon. Advanced weapons with additional effects such as burning or freezing: rocket launchers, flamethrowers, laser guns.
  • Blue — Rare. Such weapons can have additional attack modes.
  • Purple — Very rare. Weapons with unique characteristics.
  • Orange — Epic. Just like blue weapons, but special attacks can be stronger.
  • Red — Legendary. Dropped by bosses, these weapons have unique characteristics.
Soul Knight FAQ-16
Legendary rocket launcher 'Bomber'

What plants are for in Soul Knight

After level 2-1, the Garden unlocks to the left of the Living room. There are six Garden plots for planting seeds. Some plants will provide you with resources, others can be used as weapons, third give unique buffs.

Two of the plots are available straight away, the other four are unlockable. To unlock them, you need to spend 5000 gems for the middle ones while for the rest you need to pay $1 and $2 respectively.

How to grow plants

  1. You need seeds to grow plants. Seeds can be found in green chests in the dungeon or dropped by bosses. You can also buy seeds from the trader in the workshop or from the gashapon machine.
  2. Once you acquire the seeds, use the shovel to dig up the garden plot and plant the seeds.
  3. Then, you need to water the plant at least once a day before it grows. Plants need from 1 to 6 days to grow, depending on their type.
  • Hint: If you don't want to wait, use fertilizer, which will reduce the waiting time to one day. The fertilizer can be found in the dungeons, bought from the gashapon machine and bought from the trader in the workshop.

List of plants

Resource plants
NameGrowth TimeNumber of usesResource Given
Gem Flower1 daySingle288 Gems
Gear Flower1 daySingle3 Parts
Ironwood1 daySingle3 Ironstone
Trumpet Flower1 daySingle4 Organic Matter
Oak Tree3 daysSingle10 Timber
Gem Tree4 daysRecharges after 1 day222 Gems
Weapon plants
NameGrowth timeNumber of usesDescription
Carrot1 daySingleMelee weapon that deflects enemy shots and attacks enemies around the character
Green onions1 daySingleActs both as a ranged and melee weapon
Vine2 daysSingleSwings at a moderate distance with moderate Critical Chance that applies Poison on crit
Bamboo3 daysRecharges after 1 dayUsed as a ranged throwable weapon and as a melee weapon with a thrusting attack when close to the enemy
Buff and unique plants
NameHow to getGrowth timeEffect
Dragon Fruit TreeBaby Dragon Bros 4 days (Rechargeable)Gives the Fire resistance buff
CactusRandom drop3 days (Rechargeable)Gives the Trap resistance buff
Magic FlowerRandom drop3 days (Rechargeable)Gives the Get energy whenever you kill a monster buff.
Devil's SnareDevil's Snare7 days (Rechargeable)Gives a pet which shoots 3-way poisonous projectiles, can be used once per run
Titan ArumRandom drop 1 day (Single use)Gives a pet that does 5 melee damage, can be used once per run
MandrakeVarkolyn Leader2 days (Rechargeable)Gives the Immunity to poison buff
Caterpillar FungusVolcanic Sandworm3 days (Rechargeable)Gives the Increase Maximum health buff
Crystal MushroomGiant Crystal Crab / Phantom King2 days (Rechargeable)Gives Get more gems each game buff
Heptacolour ViolaRandom drop / Grand Knight1 day (Single use)Gives an extra slot for Buffs. Multiple plants can stack

Soul Knight multiplayer

How to play online

You can play Soul Knight in a company of 2 to 4 people. The game can be started by any player.

  1. The player hosts a game in a local Wi-Fi network or activates a portable hotspot on the phone.
  2. Then, he chooses the difficulty (normal or brutal) and proceeds to the character selection screen.
  3. After that, other players can join the room and choose a character, skin and a ring.
  4. Once all players have chosen rings and pressed 'Ready', the host can start the adventure.
  5. Before the game, you can see the equipment of all the players.
  6. If the match was interrupted, but you want to return to the game, press 'Continue' on the starting screen.

Multiplayer features

  • You can find large chests in the dungeon. To unlock them, each player has to stand on the button in the room. These chests contain more weapons, depending on how many players are in the game.
  • The store will have more items.
  • There will be more chests in rooms with bosses.
  • Each player receives gold and energy as a reward. You can see yours only.
  • The host of the game chooses which buffs players unlock between the levels. The buff is applied to all players at once.
  • Each statue can only be used once by each player. The statue effects are individual for each player.
  • In multiplayer, you can see only health of your teammates (without armor).
  • You can revive the fallen teammate. To do so, just come close to them and press the action button. In 5 seconds, the teammate will be revived with 1 HP and no armor. There are no limitations regarding the resurrection. When any of the players reaches the portal, all teammates will automatically revive.
  • You will lose the game if all players die.
  • When a player enters a new room with enemies, all other players automatically teleport there.
  • The number of enemies and their health increases by approximately 50% compared to singleplayer.

What rings are for

Soul Knight FAQ-17
Rings are a special kind of equipment that is used only in multiplayer. Rings occupy the second weapon slot

How to get rings

You will receive your first ring before you first multiplayer game. It is chosen randomly. To get other rings, you need to play with other players. Keep in mind that they have to equip rings of another color. At the end of the run, you can get a new ring among other rewards. Besides, you can melt the ring in the Reforging Furnace. If you get a ring of another color, you keep it forever.

List of rings

Red ring. When activated, all players get a 3-second buff that increases the size of bullets and doubles damage. The use costs 8 energy points, the cooldown is 8-10 seconds. It does not affect the efficiency of melee attacks and is less efficient with lasers.

Additional information:

  • The player automatically switches to primary weapon after activating the ring.
  • Affects the statue shells;
  • Affects the reflected bullets;
  • Affects the special skill shots;
  • Does not affect mercenaries' attacks;
  • After using the knight's special attack, affects both weapons. Thus, your character will be dealing 4x damage.

Blue ring. After activation creates a laser beam between players that deals 3 damage but does not have critical damage. Does not consume energy.

Additional information:

  • If a teammate is too far, the effect does not work;
  • Laser ignores any obstacles and destroys boxes;
  • The size of the beam can be increased with the laser weapon buff;
  • Using the skill increases the movement speed.
  • If the player who activated the ring switches weapons, the effect will end.

Yellow ring. After activation, all teammates get 1 armor and the aura that accelerates armor regeneration. Using the ring costs 8 energy and has a very long cooldown.

Additional information:

  • The player automatically switches to primary weapon after activating the ring.
  • The effect is similar to the priest's special ability.

Green ring. After activation restores 1 HP to all players. Using the ring costs 15 energy, the cooldown is 15 seconds.

Additional information:

  • The player automatically switches to primary weapon after activating the ring;
  • The knight can combine using the ring and his special ability, which will restore each teammate 2 HP and consume 30 energy. The cooldown stays the same.

Best multiplayer teams

There are many effective team-ups for co-op dungeon runs. We'll take a look at the most popular co-op pair: the green ring vampire and the red ring knight.

This team has many healing options and good overall characteristics. This way you don't need to spend time on looking for potions as vampire's special skill and green ring will restore health when necessary. Knight's damage buff together with the red ring effect is very powerful and will help you deal with bosses fast.

Preferred statues: Statue of Priest for the vampire and Statues of Paladin or Knight for the knight.

  • In the first case, the knight is the attacking character equipped with the most powerful weapon and dealing tons of damage with his special ability. The vampire will restore the knight's energy using his special ability buffed by the statue, and the attack can be repeated.
  • In the second case, the vampire picks up the best weapon and restores energy using his special ability. The knight doubles his teammate's damage using the red ring.

Preferred powers:

  • Increase maximum health;
  • Statue effects get triggered twice;
  • 50% off in shop;
  • Fire and Poison immunity.

3 and 4 players

After you pick the two main characters, the other two should be buffers. For instance, the red ring priest, and the yellow ring elf or engineer. Some players use the blue ring to do speed runs, but, in this case, they deal minimal damage.