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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release date: August 31, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up

A guide on how to assemble your squad in three kinds of fights in the game and which characters to choose

Line-up for light side battles

Light side battles are the first mode that will be available. Complete the tutorial and initial levels with the help of initial characters and assemble another team by opening quests and collecting fragments:

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-1

  • Chewbacca ‘’Clone Wars’’ is one of the free characters that is at your disposal at the beginning of the game. He can protect more fragile characters and has high parameters and self-healing abilities. You can get his fragments by completing a difficult quest 2-C in the ‘’Dark side battles’’ mode.
  • Jedi-council is a free character that will be used from the very beginning to higher levels. He has a powerful ability of healing the whole squad, a good skill of single target destruction and significant basic attack that decreases cooldowns. Council fragments may be found in the first stages of difficult battles.
  • Luminara Unduli can be farmed in Galactic battles and at the early difficult quest 2-E of the ‘’Dark Side Battles’’. She has powerful healing abilities, ‘’Force Explosion’’ skill that deals damage and blocks character’s abilities and improves evasion abilities of ally Jedi.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-2

  • Jawa is a small guy who has powerful strikes and is given for free at the beginning of the game. He is your early character for the light side with AoE damage that allows you to clean the battlefield from «thrashy» and critically damaged opponents. Jawa can be received in ‘’Canteen battles’’ 2-D.
  • CT-5555 ‘’Fives’’ is a tank character with a powerful defense that can slow down enemies and conduct joint attacks. He can be obtained via canteen battles and at 2-D of ‘’Dark side battles’’.

Line-up for dark side battles

The dark side has very powerful characters that can be obtained rather easily:

  • Darth Sidious (Palpatine) is a fast damager with main attack that prevents the healing of the opponents. Each time that you kill an enemy, he recovers HP, which makes this character ideal in the ‘’Galactic war’’. He also has a great leadership ability of increasing critical damage that allows to deal with healers in the opponent’s squads. Spend your arena squad badges on buying his fragments.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-3

  • Count Dooku is a character played by the late Christopher Lee in the film. He is characterized by high speed, stun and multi attacks. He can be used on both stages of the campaign – for the light side and for the dark side.
  • Talia is not a very powerful character, but she is given for free and provides that dark side squad with the necessary healing effect. Talia can be obtained on the two levels of the second location of the ‘’Light side battles’’ and on the first level of halo-tables (canteen battles).
  • Old Daka is a leader of the night sisters and plays a role of the second healer of the dark side. Also, Old Daka has big abilities for PvP. Other skills include both healing and stunning. Unfortunately, you can unlock her only on the difficult level 4-A of ‘’Dark side battles’’ or you’ll have to choose between her and Fives in canteen battles.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-4

  • Imperial Guard is a warrior in the red cloak that will allow you to easily get through the storyline of ‘’Dark side battles’’. However, you should change him for someone like Boba Fett once you have such an opportunity.

Line-up for squad arena

There are many ways to form a PvP squad out of the above-mentioned ten characters. However, we suggest this one:

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-5

  • Darth Sidious – Sid will be your leader, which will increase chances of critical damage. He’s one of the few characters that cast immunity on healing.
  • Count Dooku – multi attacks and Jedi stun abilities make him one of the best for PvP.
  • Luminara Unduli – her ability to block enemy skills is very important, but she is a great candidate for your squad due to her healing abilities. You need at least two-three healers in the squad to defend yourself and avoid losing rating.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Line-Up-6

  • Jedi-council – as mentioned earlier, Jedi-council is the most useful free character in the game. His special attack is powerful enough, his curing ability increases HP of the whole squad and his fragments are farmed easily.
  • Old Daka – this hero is in top PVP players squads.