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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release date: August 31, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Cost of Hero Promotion

The cost of promotion of your characters and ways to save some credits

Plan to save some credits during character promotion.

Promotion/ cost in credits/ number of necessary hero shards:

  • From one star to two stars/ 10000/ 15.
  • From two stars to three stars/ 20 000/ 25.
  • From three stars to four stars/ 100 000/ 30.
  • From four stars to five stars/ 250 000/ 65.
  • From five stars to six stars/ 500 000/ 85.
  • From six stars to seven stars/ 1 000 000/ 100.

You should understand that it is better to unlock a character with four stars for 80 shards rather than a character with two stars for 25 shards, as you’ll have to spend 95 shards to get this character to four stars (120 shards in total). Keep in mind that characters that you buy for 80 shards are typically the most powerful.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Cost of Hero Promotion-1
Jedi Consular needs 20 more shards to get a 3 stars upgrade

You don’t have to promote the character immediately. On the other hand, once you have enough shards to promote your hero to the next level (the number of stars), the «Find» button will disappear. In this case, you’ll have to manually search for missions that contain fragments of this hero. Here’s a list of required credits and fragments to promote the character from a certain number of stars to seven stars:

  • From one star to seven stars / 1 880 000/ 320.
  • From two stars to seven stars/ 1 870 000/ 305.
  • From three stars to seven stars/ 1 850 000/ 280.
  • From four stars to seven stars/ 1 750 000/ 250.
  • From five stars to seven stars/ 1 500 000/ 185.
  • From six stars to seven stars/ 1 000 000/ 100.