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Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales, The

Release date: October 23, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn

A detailed walkthrough of the second chapter of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales including puzzle solutions, gold chests locations, battles and much more

Watch the long video until Gascon, the leader of the Strays of Spalla, sets you free. Soon Hunting the Queen begins, which is a rather short battle. You must find a way to retreat, and after three moves, gain more strength than your opponent. Throw in various cards to try to find a way out. It does not matter whether you can do it in three turns or not. Upon completion, Gascon will appear, who will lead the Strays into battle.

Fight with opponents, also looking for an exit through Reynard. As soon as you find it, pay attention to the meter on the map. After three turns, you should acquire more power than your opponents, which will allow you to leave the dungeon and escape.

After few cutscenes, you will leave Lyria, but you will quickly stumble upon a squad fighting for the rights of the non-humans. So begins the Forestalled Execution quest, which lasts only one round. You need to kill the enemies until Black Rayla is left alone in a row so that she can move to your side.

This battle is quite simple: try to make sure that you have Strays Slinger on your hand, which are capable of delivering 2 HP of damage to three cards. Use them three turns in a row, attacking two executors and any another card. After three moves, you will kill the executors and the other card, leaving Rayla alone in the row. Complete the turn so that Rayla moves to your side. This will end the battle, complementing your squad with another Black Rayla card.

Going to Rosberg

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-7

Don’ hurry. Go back and find the chest with the Eyck from Denesle card for multiplayer. Go to the right, collecting loot. When you reach the first road sign, ascend to the village to fight the Nekkers. During the first round, you must lure as many cards of the same suit as possible, making the enemy summon new ones from the closed deck. Proceed with this tactic until the enemy passes and agrees to end the round. Yes, you will lose it, but the enemy will have used up all the trump cards by this point.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-8

He will not have many useful cards, so you can win without any difficulties. The deck you are currently playing isn’t the best for inflicting heavy damage. On the other hand, you can survive longer.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-9

Continue on until you reach the camp. You can talk to different people, recruit new fighters and decide the fate of a soldier by the strange tree in the center. If you decide to cut off his hand, the morale of the army will suffer. There is a merchant in the camp who can exchange wood for gold and vice versa. Also, be sure to use the message board. You can descend leaving the merchant behind and walk to the right to find a temple that enhances morale.

Follow the map to the right until you find a new road sign next to the village. You will be stopped in its right part: the scouts found a Nilfgaardian caravan moving nearby. You can attack or ignore it.

Running ahead of the story, there will be no gold in the caravan, only refugees. If you decide to attack, engage in the Imperial Transport quest. To win the battle, you must gain more strength by the end of the current turn than the opponent. To do this, first use the Stray Rider card, which inflicts 1 HP of damage to the Caravan Wagon each turn. Each time a caravan is hit, it moves to the right, closer to Gascon’s trap.

As soon as the caravan reaches the trap, three scouts will appear on the side of the enemy. They will return to you after two turns, gaining a large amount of power. In general, we recommend to pay attention to this card - it is very useful. After that, you will need to win the battle.

In its upper part of the burnt down village, you can find resources and a note. A man is also standing there. Talk to him for some time to gain a new recruit. In the lower part of the village, there is a courtyard where you can solve another puzzle.

Amidst the Rubble puzzle

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-14

In this quest you have to destroy all the opponents using a certain set of cards. For a start, use the same type of cards turn by turn, destroying simple opponent cards (with 3 HP). By throwing in your cards, you can attack the enemy inflicting 2 HP of damage. On the next turn, attack the card that has 1 HP left. When you destroy the card, you can repeat the attack and select the next victim.

Proceed with this tactic until you destroy all enemy cards with 3 HP (and inflict 2 HP of damage to the card on the left, in the row nearest to you). Also, attack the enemy card in the nearest row with the last simple card. After that, you will be able to destroy both remaining cards of the opponent with one Execution card. You will find wood and a note after searching this courtyard.

Continuing walkthrough

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-15

Cross the bridge to the right and reach Gatberg. Interact with the gate to decide whether to attack the city or to continue your journey. In the first case, you strike first, therefore you will make the first turn in the card battle. This battle is called the Price of Peace. Closer to the end of the battle the Commandant will appear.

Don’t be intimidated by his immense strength and destroy the lower-level cards inflicting damage to the Commandant (his strength will decrease by 25% when each card is destroyed). You do not need to destroy all of them: it is enough to win one round by the general indicator of strength. After the victory, it will be necessary to decide whether to take the gold or to leave it in Trogir after winning the support of the locals.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-16

If you leave Gatberg through the upper passage, you will reach the pier, where you need to conduct an ordinary battle against the Nightwraith. You will have to use your own deck of cards. This fight will involve ghosts and the new Haunt tag. Ghosts will attack your cards during the pursuit. And each enemy card has a certain bonus.

The leader card also takes advantage of the pursuit. Here you need to choose the cards in a certain way to outlast your opponent. We managed to win in two rounds, without engaging in the third one. Afterwards, go left and find the treasure chest, which has an avatar for the multiplayer game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-17

Born of Fire puzzle

In the lower right corner of the map you will find a fire golem. You’ll be required to solve the next puzzle with a set deck of cards. In this case, your task is not so obvious: you need to put both golems in the same row, equating their strength. One golem with a large supply of strength creates fire on our half of the field every two turns, the other golem absorbs it every two turns.

At the same time, the strength of the first golem halves, while the might of the second doubleы. If the strength of the first golem is equal to an odd value, then most of it perishes. For example, by default the golem has 25 HP. As soon as he creates fire, it will drop by 13 and will stop at 12.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-21

Here’s a sequence you can follow:

  1. Place the Drummer in the top row and end the turn.
  2. Use the Drummer’s order ability to summon another Drummer from the deck. Place him next to the first one, then add an Arbalest to the row and attack the golem with 4 HP (the one that absorbs the fire). End the turn.
  3. Place the second Arbalest in the top row to the rest of the cards and attack the golem with 12 HP.
  4. Use the order of the second Drummer, summoning the Arbalest, and set him in line with the rest of the cards, then attack the golem with 8 HP. He will have 3 HP left and will appear in the top row on the screen. Throw in the last Arbalest in your bottom row and attack the golem with 3 HP. He will return to the other golem.

At this point, one golem will have 2 HP, and the other will have 1HP, and the first will create fire, which means his strength will decrease by a half leaving him with 1 HP after your turn. Thus, you have equated the values, without even throwing in the Decoy.

You will receive a Dazhbog Runestone card for winning the battle. You can also gather resources and find another letter in this courtyard.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-22

So, the journey continues

Go upwards and enter the camp to find the monsters you can fight. They will have to be killed in order to get to the treasure chest nearby. This is how the New Roots battle will begin, consisting of two or three rounds (until two victories). It will be a very difficult battle, but we recommend trying to win the first round, saving the best cards for the second or third round.

After the victory, you will get access to the chest, but you don’t possess a key for now, so collect loot and look around the campsite. Search the boxes at the top of the fence, near the quest marker. That’s where you’ll find the key! Use it to unlock the chest to get a Gascon+ card for multiplayer.

Then proceed to Rosberg and engage in the Battle of Rosberg. The fight will be short, just one round, while your task is to win the battle by hit points. But you can do it only if you destroy enemy scouts. Initially, there will be three Scout cards on the battlefield with a countdown of four turns and another Reinforcement card with a similar countdown. The scouts summon new Reinforcement cards, while the Reinforcement card itself allows your opponent to retrieve new cards into their hand.

You can stop the Reinforcement card if you kill the scouts. For each scout killed, the meter will be upped by two turns. If you manage to kill three scouts, then the first Reinforcement card will have a lot of turns (it will bу useless, since the opponent will have used up his cards before that).

To destroy the scouts, use either two Slingers (putting them in turns and attacking the Scouts) and the Decoy card to return one of them and reuse these cards. Or you can try to knock out three Slingers in the deck at once and use the Sangreal (adds 2 HP to allies, taking the same amount from all enemy units). After killing the scouts, you will have to eliminate the enemy with hit points. As soon as he passes, you need to pass as well not to prolong this excruciating battle for more than it needs to fight.

Talk to Xavier and you will receive about 850 of gold, 250 of timber and a new Xavier Lemmens card for your efforts.

Make your way through the Moulderwood

Cross the bridge, interact with the temple, message board and traffic sign. You can talk to a man in the courtyard, and then follow left through another bridge. Soon you will learn that the peasants began to steal food (if you have attacked the Nilfgaardian transport and took prisoners with you). You'll have to decide what to do: to dismiss them or leave them under your guardianship. We chose the second option.

Go left and up to the small courtyard until you find a red dog. Interact with it and decide how to proceed — leave it alone or take it with you. In the second case, you’ll get the new Knickers card. So why not?

In the Fog puzzle

Return to the main route, go left and then down the path to see another yard with a new puzzle on the right. In this battle you must not let Meve die. The second main goal is to kill the Ancient Foglet. The battle lasts one round, while you will have a set deck of cards. In general, everything is as usual!

The Ancient Foglet does not pose a threat by himself, but he has a decent supply of hit points - 45. At the beginning of each turn, he will summon two ordinary Foglets with 4 HP. At the end of the same turn, the Ancient Foglet moves down to the woodpile. On the next turn, the foglets next to the woodpile will destroy one fence card. The fog will kill Meve as soon as the entire fence is destroyed. Thus, you need to drive these small monsters away.

In addition, by destroying the small foglets, you activate their deathwish: every dead foglet inflicts 5 hit points of damage to the Ancient Foglet. And that is exactly what you need!

Here is the right solution:

  1. Place a Strays Bomber under the fence and set the line near the enemy on fire (next to the woodpile). End the turn.
  2. Throw in Wagenburg next to the Bomber and end the turn.
  3. Throw in a Slinger to the previous cards and attack three Foglets, choosing those who have 4 HP left at the most (ideally, there should be three and one with 2 HP, who remains in the nearest row).
  4. Thus, by the next move in the middle of the row of the enemy there must be at least three (or even four) Foglets with 2 HP. Attack them all in turn with the Rivian Sapper card. In the end, strike another one with 4 HP. End the turn.
  5. On the next turn, repeat the actions with a second Sapper, first destroying the cards with 2 HP, and in the end hitting another card with 4 HP.
  6. Finally, you will only need to throw in the Lirian Hajduk card to increase Wagenburg’s armor to 4. After that, destroy all the cards in the middle row with Wagenburg’s Order ability.
  • Note. Since the Bomber’s line of fire inflicts 2 HP of damage with a probability of 33% (calculated for each card in a row separately), this scheme may not work the first time. Just reboot and follow our instructions.

After the victory, collect the loot and a note.

Walkthrough continues...

Proceed up the path and find yourself at the Weeping Willow. If you try to free the captives, you will be run into Eldaine’s Ambush. This fight will last one round. However, whatever you choose, you will have to fight the elves.

Try to destroy their archers using your slingers. Also, note the card with the Scout tag. Once it is on your side of the field, use the Decoy to put it into your deck and give the enemy a taste of his own medicine. After winning you will get about 400 gold and 100 wood.

Prayer, Interrupted

When moving from Rosberg to the left, you will be able to find the Prayer Interrupted quest at the bottom. The battle will last only one round, and you must lower the strength of the enemy archers to 1 HP. There is also the second task — not to let Mave perish.

Examine the cards carefully, and then proceed as follows:

  1. Apply the card from your deck that will lower the strongest group of the enemy and increase the strength of the weakest party, being Meve. This is very important because when being hit, the Elves (archers) will inflict 1 HP of damage to Meve.
  2. In the next turn, you must use the Royal Decree card to summon two Arbalests from the deck (there are five Arbalests in your deck). Place the latter next to each other, while attacking two different archers of the enemy, causing 1 and 2 HP of damage, respectively.
  3. On the next turn, throw in a card next to the two Arbalests, that allows you to create two copies of any bronze squad. Choose any Arbalest, which will make five Arbalests reappear in the deck.
  4. You need to play the last card on the next turn, choosing any Arbalest. This card allows you to call on all the copies of the same card from the deck. And since you have only Arbalests there, they’re the ones who will come to the rescue.
  5. All Arbalests must be placed in the same row as the three cards before them. Thus, the first Arbalests will inflict 4 HP of damage (choose an archer with 5 HP), the second - 5 HP of damage (choose an archer with 6 HP), the third - 6 HP of damage (choose an archer with 7 HP).

It doesn't matter that you have more Arbalest in your hand! Here the main aim is to lower the strength of the three Elves to 1 HP! After that, the battle will be over. You will receive a new Bekker's Mirror card for your victory.

Walkthrough continues...

Above the previous location, you can find a camp where a short fight awaits. Just defeat the opponent in one round, using your own deck and gather loot in the camp. Run to the road sign to the west, then go left and engage in a new battle. It will be short, consisting of just a single round.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-39

Please note that you are unlikely to win if you forget to improve the camp and customize the deck of cards. Don’t forget to unlock the fourth decoration. We also recommend replacing the flag with the Manticore Head, which will inflict 1-2 HP of damage to all enemies that appear. Also, to counter the huge reserves of the enemy’s HP, use the Crushing Trap card.

After the victory, collect loot and go to the nest, which is interactive. Engage two recruits to receive the first card fragment. Go further to the left until you meet the Crow. Spend 1 gold to get a treasure map from the Crow. Then, proceed to the village to the lower left and acquire new recruits, talk to the old man from whom you can buy information (for 50 gold) and interact with the Temple and the message board.

Exit through the bridge in the upper right corner of the village. Along the way, you can interact with the rock to get another treasure map. You'll have to either engage two recruits, or use the services of Eyck, if he’s still in your squad.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-40

Ascend the path and witness the deal between the Elves. Here you can attack first or pass unnoticed. In the first case, at the end of the battle, it will be necessary to decide whether to allow the army to fight with a fearsome weapon or prohibit doing so. If you ban, the morale goes up, if you allow, the morale goes down. During the battle, pay attention to the wagon and the cards, that summon random cards from the deck every two turns. They interact with each other, so try to destroy them as soon as possible. Also, be sure to use two Bombers to set both the enemies rows on fire.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-41

The card Ointment can be found if you win in the ordinary battle of the elves in a secret grotto in the upper left corner of the map (below the village). The fight will be a simple one. You must use your own deck.

Get to the quest marker and chat with Eldaine. He will offer to leave the cemetery to fight outside of its boundaries. If you agree, prepare to fall into his trap. Thus, the enemy army will have the first turn. If you refuse, then the first turn is yours. The fight will last only one round.

At the end of it, Eldaine will ask to bury him in the ground. If you decide to do this, it lowers the morale of the army. Also, Rayla will leave your squad. As a reward, you will receive a new Mandrake card. Go up and to the left and in the next village you can find a new puzzle.

A She-troll’s Fury puzzle

This encounter is engaged in the upper left corner of the location, in one of the courtyards. You need to kill the Troll, but do not let any of the allies die. The most important card in this round is the Gray Rider.

Please note that if this card is placed on the battlefield, it moves to a different row, if a card from the Backup series is thrown in there. These include Military Wagon, Wagenburg and Light Infantry, which jumps out of the wagon.

If you remember, the infantrymen can be moved by means of the Order ability. And the Gray Messengers will follow these displaced infantrymen or the Wagon placed in the next row. And all the Gray Messengers will follow one Infantryman if they stand in the opposite row.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-49

You can find the right solution by following this sequence:

  1. Place Wagenburg in the top row and end the turn.
  2. Throw in two Gray Messengers next to the Wagenburg in the next two turns.
  3. Place a War Wagon in the bottom row. Both Gray Messengers will move towards it and only one Wagenburg card will be left at the top.
  4. On the next turn, place the second War Wagon in the top row near Wagenburg. End the turn.
  5. On the next turn, you will be able to move all four Infantrymen - two in different rows. First, lower the Infantryman from the top row, where Wagenburg, the Wagon and two Gray Messengers are placed. The Messengers will follow down. Now, lift one of the two Infantrymen from the bottom row up to Wagenburg. Three other cards: an Infantryman and two Gray Messengers will move to this card, strengthening the armor by 3 HP (and the potential damage, respectively).
  6. Repeat the sequence with two other Infantrymen.
  7. Now put Reynard in the top row to strengthen Wagenburg’s armor by 1 HP, and also to restore all the Infantrymen hits. Repeat the sequence with the Infantrymen, moving them up and down and vice versa. Ultimately, Wagenburg’s armor will reach 20 HP. Attack the Troll.

The stick hit damage is activated every time you hit the Troll, so you need to attack it once and in a deadly manner. That’s what we have been preparing for above! After the victory, you will unlock a new Scepter of Storms card. Take the note from the boxes nearby.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-50

Go to Aldersberg

Before heading east over the higher locations, go up to the top and find a fortress of robbers. Here you need to decide what to do - to attack or to pass by.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-51

The fight will last one round, while the game tells you that ‘’killing is not the solution to everything.’’ Thus, remove all the units that cause damage from the deck (cards on hand). Here you need to focus on the banal strength. For example, use Gascon, throw in Wagons, move the Infantry, use Rayla to get new cards from the deck. Attack enemy targets only occasionally. In this battle, you must win by difference in total HP!

At the end of the battle, you will be able to recruit the witch Isbel to your squad. This is how the Isbel: Healer card is unlocked.

Go back down from the camp to the right along the edge of the forest, collecting various resources. On the way, in a small camp, talk to a man who will eventually share the wood. Just to the right and below is another camp with a puzzle.

Trial by Fire Puzzle

You will need to kill the Scouts before they escape. In total there are four Scouts — one in each row, including yours. As usual, you can throw in your cards only in the first two rows. At the same time, the Pitfal Trap can be placed in any row. Scouts begin to move up on the next turn after any card appears next to them (even the same scout who came from the bottom).

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems:

  1. Throw in the Pitfal Trap in the top row. This card inflicts 2 HP of damage to all cards in a row and those that appear in it later. In addition, the card has the Spy tag, which means that the scouts will not find you. You will hit the upper scout, leaving him with 4 HP. In addition, the Wolf Pit will separate him from other scouts who will come from below, so he will not be disturbed and will remain on the battlefield until the very end.
  2. Place Wagenburg to the bottom row and End the turn.
  3. Throw in two Arbalests next to Wagenburg for two turns in a row, while attacking two different Scouts from the three available (the Scout in the top row does not count).
  4. Thus, before the last move you will have four Scouts - two with 4 HP, and two with 2 HP and 1 HP, respectively.
  5. Use another card that you have to inflict 2 HP of damage to any selected card. Moreover, if the squad is killed, then you can repeat the action. You must kill two scouts with 2 and 1 HP with this card. Place the card in the same row where Wagenburg is. When you kill these two cards, then attack the Scout with 4 HP that came from the rows below. Don’t forget not to hit the Scout, who initially stood in the top row, because he is fenced off by the Wolf Pit.
  6. Having done this, you have to attack the top row with Wagenburg. Only the top Scout with 1 HP will remain, while the enemy will pass. You should pass too, to win this battle.

Search the boxes to find a note with a key. Then, proceed to the right and down to find the treasure chest, which is opened with the key. You’ll find a new multiplayer avatar there.

Walkthrough continues...

There is a road sign to the right of the location where the Trial by Fire battle just took place. Proceed to the village above, leaving the sign behind, and interact with the peasants to learn about their troubles: the Nilfgaardians stole their food.

Walk north from the village and find the camp. If you want to help, then attack it. This will begin the short one round Battle for the Granary.

In the lower row of the enemy, you will see a woodpile and a huge gate with 10 power and 25 armor. In order to demolish them, you will have to use cards that inflict damage. We also strongly recommend that both Rayla and Xavier Lemmens are in your hand. Rayla can summon any card from the deck, and Xavier will be able to restore her two hits. This will bring you three bonus cards at once!

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-62

For example, you can attack the gate with several Strays Cavalry cards. And when you line up eight cards in a row, then place an Arbalest nearby and attack the gate once again. You can return it back to your hand with the help of the Decoy, and then reuse it. As soon as the gate falls, the fence will be destroyed. In addition, this will increase each of your units by 2 HP (as long as the gates are intact, they strengthen friendly units by 2 units of strength every few turns).

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-63
After the battle, you will have to decide how to deal with the food: to leave it to the army, divide equally among the village folk or return the food to the village entirely

Go down and over the bridge to the right to encounter the Colossus and Albrich. You will need to win a short battle (one round), with the additional goal to kill Albrich.

Killing Albrich is a really difficult endeavor, but it’s enough to bypass him in strength to beat him in this current round. Pay attention to the ornament, which strengthens the weakest squad, taking away the HP of the strongest. In addition, Albrich will inflict damage to your strong squad on the battlefield equal to the strength of the squad on hand. So, try to get rid of them soon. The trap does not work here (you cannot average the value of the strength).

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-67
You will receive a new Alzur’s Thunder card for winning the battle

Go to the right and descend to the burning courtyard to engage in the Corrupt Weapons battle.

Corrupt Weapons puzzle

You will need to destroy all the cow carcasses and Rot Tossers. At the same time, the cow carcasses will move towards your side, so you have to destroy them before they explode and infect the army. Cows change sides (from your side to the enemy and back) when being hit. The Rot Tossers create one new cow every second turn.

Here is a ready solution:

  1. Place two Wagenburg cards in your top row, next to a cow carcass. The Rot Tossers will create three more cows in your half of the battlefield.
  2. Place one Slinger next to Wagenburg, and then attack the three Rot Tossers. They will be left with 1 HP.
  3. On the next turn, place a Rivian Sapper in the same top row with the two Wagenburg cards and one Strays Slinger. Attack the three Rot Tossers and one Cow Carcass to move it to the other side. The Rot Tossers are dead.
  4. On the next turn, throw in a single Slinger in the row with Wagenburg and attack any three cows in your half.
  5. Next, put the Slinger (the last card) next to Wagenburg, then attack the two Cow Carcasses on your half and any of your Slingers (or a Sapper).
  6. All Cow Carcasses on the other side and two Wagenburgs should have 7 and 6 armor, respectively. This is enough to destroy the cows in the two enemy rows using the Order ability.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-71

You can collect resources, talk to the soldier and get one recruit after the victory. There is a house to the lower left of the location. People will ask for some gold for recovery. Give them 50 coins to boost the army’s morale. Or you can just pick up 8 recruits.

Pestilence puzzle

Go to the right from the previous puzzle (Corrupt Weapon) to find a pit with corpses. Interact with it to start a mission. Your task will be to remove all the corpses from the field. The fight lasts one round.

Here’s the sequence of actions:

  1. Put the Arbelest in the top row and attack the fourth corpse from the left.
  2. In the next turn, ut another Arbelest in the same row and attac the fifth corpse there, the one with 6 power.
  3. Next Arbelest goes to the bottom row. Attack the fourth corpse there.
  4. Add another Arbelest to the bottom row and atack the fourth corpse in the top row.
  5. After that, add one more Arbelest to the top row and attack the fourth corpse in the bottom row, the one with 3 power.
  6. Put another Arbelest in the top row and shoot the fourth corpse, which should have 3 power.
  7. Add the Arbelest to the top row and attack the fourth corpse in the second row from the top.
  8. Put the last Arbelest iin the top row and attack the fifth corpse in the second row from the top.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-76

As a reward you will get the Skull card. It removes all your cards from the deck and inflicts damage to a chosen row equal to the number of units removed.

Walkthrough continues…

Go down from the previous puzzle and see the woodpiles which you can interact with. Rayla admits that there is a traitor behind it who has defected to the side of Nilfgaard. You can decide what to do: to attack, or to retreat. In the first case, a short Aedirnian Traitors battle will begin, lasting one-round and with special rules: the number of turns before escaping must be reduced to zero.

There will be a card with a 10 number on the meter on the card field. Every time you take your card from your hand, the meter goes down a notch. As soon as it reaches zero, the traitor will run away. Thus, you need to lay out the cards so as to defeat the traitor in strength, but at the same time, not to allow the meter to reach zero.

The task is facilitated by Falbeson’s guards. After appearing, these two cards will increase the meter by a notch after two moves. At the same time, if you destroy such a card, the meter will instantly go down two notches. The conclusion is simple: there is no need to destroy the Falbeson’s Guard cards.

We strongly recommend using Rayla and Xavier, who will restore her hits. Rayla will be able to summon cards from the deck since when you get them out of the deck and not from your hand, it does not affect the escape card. The meter won’t go down!

After the victory, you will need to decide what to do with Falbeson. We decided to spare the traitor, but in this case the morale of the army dropped. After that, we advise you to go to the right and find Falbeson’s estate. He will invite you to a meal. If you agree, you will be ambushed by a traitor. Thus, it did not make sense to spare him.

Assault on the Queen

This will be a puzzle where Falbeson should be killed and not one of the allies should perish. You will not be able to damage Falbeson himself, so you will have to kill his guards. The guards will inflict 9 damage to their master after dying.

You also need to monitor Falbeson’s warriors. Each of them has a meter, and as soon as it reaches zero, the enemy kills any of your cards on the battlefield. To raise the meter, you have to turn the Feast Table over. Only Reynard can do this. Also, pay attention to Gascon, who has a meter of two moves. After it zeroes out, Gascon returns to the hand together with Reynard. In addition, Gascon can be placed in the rows for close battle or long-range battle. In the first case, it will be possible to inflict 3 HP of damage to any card. In the second case, you can move any enemy card from one row to another.

  • Another important note: when you destroy the Feast Table card using Reynard, it increases the meter by 2 notches for all the thugs standing in the enemy row of the same value (if the table was in the close battle row, then the meter will increase only for the card in the enemy’s close battle row).

Try it yourself, and if it doesn't work out, then use our solution:

  1. Place Gascon in the close range battle row and attack one of the two Falbeson’s guards.
  2. On the next turn, place Raynard in any row and flip any Feast Table card from the close range row. This will increase the meter of the thug next to Falbeson’s guard.
  3. End the turn so that Reynard and Gascon go back to your hand.
  4. Place Gascon in the long-range row, and then select the thug in the close range row on the enemy side of the field. That way you will move him to the other two in the top row.
  5. On the next turn, release Reynard again and this time turn the Feast Table card over in the bottom row to increase the meters of all the three thugs on top.
  6. End the turn to return the cards back to your hand.
  7. Place Gascon in the close range row and attack Falbeson’s guard with 7 HP. Now both have 4 HP.
  8. Place Raynard in any row and turn the table upside down to increase the thug meter again.
  9. End the turn to return the cards.
  10. Place Gascon once again in the close range row, then attack either of the two guards with 4 HP. He will have 1 HP left.
  11. Use Reynard to flip the last table in the bottom row. You will increase the thugs’ meter for the last time, and upon completion of your turn you will return your cards to your hand.
  12. Place Gascon in the close range row and destroy the Falbeson Guard card with 1 HP.
  13. Place Meve on the field and make her attack the second Falbeson’s guard with 4 HP. Meve inflicts damage equal to the weakest card on the battlefield. This is Gascon, who has just 4 HP.

Task completed!

You will receive a new Meve: Ornamental Sword card for the victory.

Walkthrough continues…

If you go down and to the right of the place with the Pestilence puzzle, you will find yourself in a burnt village. Go to the center and get rewarded with a new Bone Talisman card. By the way, it will be not far from Aldersberg.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-81

Return to the road sign at the top and proceed to the village where you can engage in a usual battle. After this, you will collect several useful resources and a note. From the same road sign, move to the top of the map, to the faraway village of Hoarton. It’s all burnt down, and the sole survivor will tell you where to find the treasure. So you’ll get a new treasure map (you will need to talk with him repeatedly four or five times). After this, pass to the right and find the gates of the enemy camp, which is commanded by General Vrygheff.

If you decide to attack, an interesting battle will begin. It will last only one round, and you’ll need to either defeat the opponent by the advantage of strength, or kill Vrygheff. By the way, the second is much easier.

You will need the Bekker's Mirror card. As soon as Vrygheff appears behind the woodpile, apply this card to significantly reduce HP. Use all the other cards, and finally, pull out the Arbalest and hit Vrygheff. It will be better if you have two such Arbalests. You can return one of them to the hand using the Decoy, and then reattacking Vrygheff. That should be enough to kill the General.

After that, talk to him and find out why he has dealt with the village of Hoarton so brutally. Next, you will need to decide whether to exchange the General for gold or execute him, raising the morale of the army. We chose the second option.

Follow the quest marker to start the battle. It will be a usual plot battle, where the winner is the one who wins two rounds.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-86

Before leaving the location, carefully search it and complete all side quests. As shown in the screenshot below, in the middle there is a village where you can help the Niflgaardiands in the fight against the ghouls. If you save them, they will swear allegiance to you, bringing you two new cards: Gheso Footman and Gheso Arbalest.

Also, buy the reconnaissance data from the map to find two more uncovered chests with the multiplayer avatar and the Black Rayla card. We did not bother and look for the three remaining chests, otherwise, the walkthrough would be significantly longer. If you find them, tell us the location.

The Defence of the Old Town

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-89

This battle will begin after you reach Aldersberg and meet King Demavend. Chat with him until he asks for help. You must win the battle. If you want to engage in an additional mission, then destroy Nauzicaa Brigade units so that Demavend can hide. This will be a plot battle, but engaging your cards. However, winning here is quite simple.

Do not forget that you can recruit the necessary number of killed troops not in one, but in two or three rounds of battle. Do not try to do it in one round. You will receive a new Royal Decree card after your victory.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 2: Ashes of Aedirn-90
At the beginning of the next Chapter, you will lose Black Rayla, but you receive the Gabor Zigrin card