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Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales, The

Release date: October 23, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting

A detailed walkthrough of the third chapter of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough: battles, puzzles, treasures and importand decisions


Meet with Brouver Hoog

Make your way along the only available route. Before you meet Brouver, you can activate the signpost, check the notice board, and stack up some resources or recruits. In the end, the battle Spring Cleaning will begin, in which Brouver participates. This is a short story fight with special conditions. Your objectives: do not let Brouver die and eliminate Shaelmaar. There is also a hint: spend armor to break armor.

Shaelmaar deals damage depending on the amount of armor he and his enemies have. Read the objectives carefully. To defeat him, use three cards — Gabor, Decoy (to use Gabor again and deal 15 more damage) and Bekker's Mirror, allowing you to inflict 15 damage to the strongest unit. You can also set both rows on fire. The enemy is not much of threat — just be patient. At the end of the battle, talk to Brouver and Gabor — the quest will be completed.

Go to Boro’s Rump

Go to the Dragon’s Eye on the right and talk to the fisherman. There are some frozen crates above him. If you spend resources to get them, you will receive a map fragment. If you even further up, you will find another Shaelmaar. The encounter is called the Shaelmaar’s Lair. This a regular two round battle, so there will be other monsters besides the Shaelmaar.

It is a very simple fight, especially if use Manticore Trophy as your banner. Gabor will also be very useful here along with a Decoy card. This combination is really handy in general since it can inflict huge 30 damage in three turns, and it can be divided between several targets if the first one has less than 15 strength.

After your victory, open the chest to get an avatar frame for the online mode. In addition to resources, you will also find a letter there.

The Depths of Miria puzzle

To succeed in this objective, you must use your Leader’s ability. The hint is “look into the eye of your foe”. You need to use Meve’s leader ability. She has 10 charges. Each use allows you to swap the selected rune with the one to the left of it. If you try to move the leftmost rune, it will move to the rightmost position in the upper row.

You can only move the runes located on opponent’s half of field. Read the hint again. You have to guess that you need to rearrange the runes so that the image in the upper half of the battlefield mirrors the bottom one. Therefore, if your bottom row has green, blue, yellow and red runes from left to right, then this is the exact order they should be in your foe’s bottom row (the farthest from the player). There are enough charges to move the required runes from the melee row to the ranged row (you will have to move the green and orange ones).

First, use the ability on the green rune until it is in the top. Then move it to the leftmost position. Next, move the orange rune to the top row and place it opposite to the orange one in the bottom row. The screenshot below shows the correct solution. The only thing left to do there is to swap the two indicated runes in the opponent’s melee row.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-8
By solving the puzzle, you unlock a new card Zoria Runestone. By the way, there is another note inside the house, to the right of the exit

Keep going

Return to the signpost and head right. After passing the bridge, you can buy a treasure map from the coughing man (for 50 coins). You can also take it for free, lowering your morale.

Go down from him to get to the Lonely Rock. Talk to Drekthag and decide what to do. If you decide to look for the missing dwarfs, get ready to be ambushed. The regular battle Missing Drekthagers will begin. You really will not get anything for winning the fight though. To the right of the Lonely Rock is a temple to increase the morale.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-11

Go up, interact with the signpost and walk under the bridge. Talk to the newlyweds and agree to steal the document to start a new puzzle.

Mahakaman Archives puzzle

Gascon has already stolen the required document, but in order to leave the archives, you must move his card to the bottom right corner. This is the hint: move Gascon using your leader.

All of the Mahakam Guard cards move one position to the right each time you move Gascon. If the guard reaches the edge of the battlefield, he begins to move in the opposite direction. You will have some additional cards in your hand: three Held Breath cards, allowing you to skip the movement part but still move the guards, and three Misdirection ones, allowing you to turn any guard around.

Pay attention to the direction your opponents are heading, so you know where are they headed. If Gascon: Light-Footed will be three positions away from the guard, he will be caught and you will fail the puzzle. By the way, even if you are standing right next to your foe, but he is looking in the other direction, he will not notice you.

Do the following steps (the rows are numbered bottom up, from one to four):

  1. Use the Misdirection on the guard in the second row to turn him to the left. End the turn.
  2. Use the Misdirection on the guard in the third row. End the turn.
  3. Use the leader’s ability on the Courtyard card under Gascon: Light-Footed. Use Held Breath card, so the guard below turs to the right. End the turn.
  4. Go down to the second row and move three positions to the right, following the guard. Since the guard below is now headed to the left, you can move Gascon down and then reach the gates on the right. You should have enough charges.
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-15
Completing the puzzle nets you a shiny new Valmir’s Horn card

Keep going

To the left of the newlyweds is a merchant gnome, who can exchange gold for wood and vice versa. Climb up the bridge you just passed under, cross it and go down to the mine. There are rails coming from the mine, and in the place where they are interrupted, you can dig up some treasure, which you previously may have seen on the map. Inside is a card for the online mode — Gabor Zigrin.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-16

Go back and follow the only available path. Deal with the cart stuck on the bridge, then decide whether to accept the gold or not. This does not affect anything (but gets you 100 coins). Go ahead and talk to the gnome on the way. You can buy a card fragment from him.

Along the way, activate the signpost, and then reach the Hag’s Pit. You will find a fire-breathing dragon here. You can ignore the problem or help the dwarfs and deal with the dragon. The battle is called Fury of Keltullis. Your objective is clear — kill Keltullis. This will be a shortened battle.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-17

Do not worry — you will beat him easily. At first, attack it with the Gabor Zigrin card to deal 15 damage. Next, use Bekker's Mirror to reduce its HP by another 15 units. After that, wait until the dragon moves to your half of the field. Here he will challenge random adjacent (to it) cards to a duel, so you should try to restore their strength or just play the cards with high amounts of strength.

At the same time, while the dragon has not returned to the melee row on his own half (this will happen in three turns), use Decoy to return Gabor to your hand. Now you can it put it right next to the dragon, dealing 15 damage again. All this should be enough to kill the creature.

If you failed, start the battle again. All you need in your deck is Gabor Zigrin. Apart from that, choose the cards with the most strength.

After the fight, talk to Vavrinek to learn about this dragon’s lair. Talk to the man on the left to get a new recruit. Gather resources and head up, to the cave with the dragon. Keep left to find the temple and boost your army’s morale. This way you will get to Keltullis’s Pit. Enter the dragon’s lair and decide if you want to finish the dragon off or listen to it. We chose the latter and received some gold. This is where Keltullis’s story ends.

From the Vavrinek’s village, go left through the wooden bridge. Pick up the letter with gold from the cart on the other side. Before reaching the signpost, go down to get to the Drunken Bluff. This will start a cutscene. Talk to the people over there and decide if you want to intervene in the execution. If you intervene, during the conversation, choose to remind what Dwarf Code says.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-20
As a result, you will receive a new card — Barnabas Beckenbauer

Go left and find the temple. Take the road down, where you will meet a small dragon. A standard battle called Death from Above will begin.

After winning the battle, go down to the mine on the left. There is a traitor inside. You can give her to the dwarfs, raising the morale or set her free in exchange for a treasure map.

Head up the mountain until you reach the Nilfgaardian caravan. You will have to choose whether you want to let them go with the weapons or attack them. In the second case, the shortened battle called Nilfgaardian Caravan will begin.

You will need to destroy the enemy units to move the wagon. The first four destroyed units move the wagon one row down, the next four move it to your half of the field, which is enough to win. Be careful and do not use any bombers, as the wagon immediately collapses when exposed to fire. You should aim for the low-strength cards. Ignore the knights in the melee row. Use all cards dealing a lot of damage, especially slingers since they can attack multiple cards at once. The combination of Gabor and Decoy will also be useful. You will receive a new Meve: Sigil card for winning this battle.

Go up a little and find a note near the high column. Move to up and to the right and find the ghost. This is the beginning of the next puzzle.

Specters of the Past puzzle

You need to kill the Beast. The Beast spawns four Barghests with 4 power each turn. The Beast is immune if there is at least one Barghest present on the battlefield. We will destroy the beast using a Rivian Onager card. Here is the sequence:

  1. Play a Rivian Sapper card and destroy all the Barghests. End the turn, and the Beast will create four more.
  2. Place a Rivian Onager card to the right of the Sapper and end the turn.
  3. Place an Alchemist to the right of the Onager and apply it to the Onager, so the card has eight power instead of three (like a Sapper). End the turn.
  4. Place another Alchemist in any row. Note that Alchemists has the same amount of strength as the Barghests. This way the Epidemic card, which destroys the weakest card (or multiple cards), will destroy all the Barghests and two of your Alchemists. In turn, the Onager card receives additional charges for each friendly killed. Complete the turn and proceed to the final steps.
  5. By the way, when you play the second Alchemist, use his ability on any Barghests (it does not matter since they are all the same)
  6. Use Epidemic to destroy all the Barghests and two Alchemists. At the same time, the charge of the Onager will reach four. Attack the Beast four times to reduce its strength to just 3 units. End the turn.
  7. The Beast will spawn another batch of Barghests, but this time it has less strength than they do, only 3. It means that you can use your last Epidemic card and kill the Beast.

Keep going

Gather resources and head up to the quest marker at Boro’s Rump. A shortened battle Boro’s Rump will initiate. You must finish the round with higher strength than the enemy army, but there is also an optional task — to destroy the Slyzard Nest. To destroy the nest, you must wait for the Slyzard to spawn and attack it. By killing one of them, you deal 10 damage to the nest. But this is not enough: at the same time, attack the nest with any other cards.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-27

Make sure to use Gabor + Decoy combo to inflict 30 damage. You can also use the Bekker’s Mirror to weaken the nest by 15 more points, but this will most likely increase strength of the Harpy Egg (if you do it at the beginning). One more advice: before using Gabor, wait for the Slyzard to appear. When this happens, first use Gabor on the Slyzard to kill it and deal 10 damage to the nest, and then apply your remaining damage directly to the nest. Switch Gabor with a Decoy card and repeat the steps.

You will receive the Wolfsbane card for your victory. Go ahead and get to the Mare’s Islet village. Check the notice board, gain some recruits and go right. Head down to participate in the standard fight called Stolen Dreams. It will not be hard to win here. After that, gather resources, take a note and go to the bottom left. You will find an online border in the chest near the snowy hut.

Go up from the place you just fought in and find a blacksmith. You can buy a card fragment from him. Move down from the blacksmith and go right until you see a mountain climb up the screen. This where a new puzzle awaits you.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-30

Drinking Cold Ale puzzle

Here you need to drink ale faster than Gabor. If you are interested in gawkers mentioned in the description of the Gascon: Drunkard card, those appear after you try the ale. Since there are no Gawkers at the beginning, just one swig will spawn the first one. For every two gawkers on the field, Gascon’s charge will increase by one.

The solution looks like this:

  1. Apply the Fortitude Tonic on Gascon.
  2. Do the same with the second one. Gascon will now have 7 charges. End the turn.
  3. Use Sudsy Inspiration card, and then drink ale for all of the 7 charges. This card allows you two swigs of ale instead on one. 11 to go.
  4. End the turn, use the Splish Splash card to raise Gascon’s charge to 2.
  5. Use the same card again and have three swigs to make the third Gawker appear. You don’t really need him since you will not try to summon the fourth one anyway.
  6. Use the penultimate Splish Splash card, drink a bit more using 3 charges.
  7. After ending the turn, use the last Splish Splash card. Gascon will have 3 charges, which equals the amount of strength the Cold Ale has. Drink it before finishing the turn and winning
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-35
For beating the puzzle you will receive a new banner card — Mahakam Ale

Keep going

Head to the right and walk the large stone bridge with an arch. Activate the signpost after it. This is how you reach the Black Brook Vale. Find a note near the monument. Go down and find another note near the second obelisk. Cross the wooden bridge on the right to start a new puzzle.

Frost Bridge puzzle

You have two objectives here: first, do not let any unit die, and second, all units except for the Bridge Troll must be moved to the other side of the battlefield.

Each turn the charge of the troll will be restored to 1. You can use troll’s order to allow any card on the field to cross the bridge. The troll will attack the first, second and third cards to the right of himself, inflicting 3, 2 and 1 damage respectively. There are also additional cards in your hand: Command: March! allows you to move selected card one position to the right, while Command: Charge! forces a unit to go past the troll and cross the bridge.


  1. Use the Light Infantry’s order to move it to the lower row. Use Command: Charge! on the pikeman with 3 units of strength and force him to the other side of the bridge. Use the troll’s order on the alchemist. Basically, you can choose any order, and it does not matter too much — pikeman and alchemist will be on the other side. End the turn.
  2. Let the bomber and the pikeman (both cards will have 3 strength left) to go to the other side of the bridge. This is done using another Command card and troll’s order. Use the Command: March! card on the infantry in the bottom row and finish the turn. The troll will not do anything to you, but will receive a charge.
  3. Use this charge to make the Light Infantry card cross the bridge.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-38

After succeeding in the puzzle, you will be able to use the temple to raise your army’s morale and get to the cave with dwarven corpses. Spend 20 recruits to receive a card fragment, 2500 gold and 800 wood. Nice profit!

Go to Davor’s Abyss

Head back and go to the right through another wooden bridge. Below there will be a village with a notice board and a standard battle called the Hay Cart. This is a simple fight, especially if you choose the right cards. You can set the rows on fire, and attack them using slingers and other similar cards. After the battle, search the crates to find another note.

Go right and notice the tomb in the rock, in front of the bridge. You can spend some morale to get 350 gold and 150 wood, or you can spend 50 wood to increase your army’s morale. There is also a third option — ignore it altogether. Cross the stone bridge and meet some monsters. This will be The Cursed Valley shortened battle. Nothing special here.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-41

After dealing with the monsters, go down and activate the signpost along the way. Do not turn right under the arch, but go even lower to reach the treasure cave. Entering it automatically starts the Forgotten Treasure shortened battle. You need to eliminate the Crazed Shaelmaar using your default deck.

This battle is a lot easier than it seems. Let Nekkers multiply, attacking any other cards. Before that, set both rows on fire, and if you use Manticore, then it is a done deal. Every time you destroy the enemy unit, the charge of Shaelmaar is reduced by 1 unit. He has 20 total charges — as soon as they reach zero — you win the battle.

After winning the battle, talk to Gabor and decide what to do with the treasure. You can exchange it for gold or make a feast. In the second case, you will increase respect from the dwarfs. You will also unlock Gabor Zigrin + card, which is an enhanced version of the regular one.

Go up and under the arch to the right, so you get to the location called Gullbratt. Enter the city and talk to the gnome to find out about the haunted mine. You can help them if you want, this will start a shortened fight In the Bowels of the Mountain. The fight will be very simple, so there is not much to tell you here. At the end of it, decide how to deal with people from Rivia — let them go or give them to the dwarfs. Even if you set them free, nobody will hold it against you.

Go down from the city, having activated the notice board, and immediately turn left. There is some loot and a house there. Interact with it and choose one of the following options: spend three recruits or use Eyck (if he is in your group) to receive 250 gold and a map fragment.

If you have collected all the previous ones, you will receive a new card — Spoiled Ale. There will be a snowbank on the right side, which you can interact with to start another puzzle.

Snowball Fight puzzle

You need to do everything in your power so that Meve does not die. The troll will throw snowballs which are set in his row. Therefore, there are going to be 7 snowballs heading your way. The troll throws snowballs to the row where most of your cards are located. All cards suffer 2 damage, while seven of the strongest ones move to the adjacent rows on your half of the field. There will be slingers and scytheman cards in your hand. Do not forget that when you use the slinger’s skill, even though you attack three targets, you also make them change their row.

Do the following:

  1. Place a scytheman to the bottom row, under the queen. End the turn — the troll will not throw a snowball because both rows have the same amount of cards.
  2. Place a second scytheman next to the first one and end the turn again. The troll throws the first snowball into a row with two scythemen, who will move to Meve after receiving the damage.
  3. Place a third scytheman to the bottom row, while the queen and other two cards will remain on the top with 5 units of strength each. End the turn. The troll throws a snowball into the row with three cards. Everyone will go down to the fourth card.
  4. Place a slinger in the lower row near the queen and three scythemen. Choose them as targets, while Meve stays under them along with a slinger. Complete the turn, the troll will throw a snowball into the upper row to the three scythemen.
  5. Place a scytheman into the upper row and end the turn. The troll will throw a snowball to the bottom row, where Meve, slinger and scytheman are located. All the cards will move up.
  6. Place a slinger into the lower row and attack the three cards near the queen. One of them will be destroyed, but the other two will simply move down. End the turn, you should have the following picture — the queen (4 strength), slinger (4) and scytheman (3) are in the top row.
  7. Place a scytheman in the lower row and end the turn.
  8. Place slinger into the top row and attack all three cards near Meve. Two of them will be destroyed, and the last one will be in the top row near the slinger. End your turn, and the troll will throw his last snowball. Mission complete.

Davor’s Abyss

After solving the previous puzzle, head to the quest marker to get to the Davor’s Abyss. Soon, the shortened battle of the same title will begin. You will need to protect the catapult and save it from being destroyed by the enemies.

The game gives us a hint: keep your catapult well-maintained on all sides. It means that some of your opponents can move the catapult from the lower row to the upper one. At the same time, you need to be quick and place your own units adjacent to the catapult to prevent its moving and increase its charge. Ideally, there you must have one card on top of it, so you only need to add another one on the right side.

In this battle, you have to defend your catapult card, but also keep it between two regular units, so it gains 1 charge every turn. Once the catapult has 7 charges, you will win the battle. Decoy cards will be very useful here, allowing you to return any card from the battlefield to use it again, increasing the number of turns. You can’t pass here — all 7 units of charge must be accumulated while you are in game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-53
The victory here nets you a new card — Blood

Pick up the note and resources, then go to the other side of the bridge and open the chest with an avatar border for the multiplayer Gwent. Climb the steps and immediately inspect the dwarf’s corpse to find the note with the key. Cross the bridge and go right, keep to the bottom to find the chest that can be opened with the key you found earlier. It contains the Barnaba Beckenbauer card for the online game.

There will be a question mark a bit higher. You can help Murko find the relic. Shortened battle the Legacy of the Vidmars will start. The Forgotten Treasure card (banner) will have a small chance to seize your units (those that are on the field). As soon as seized unit attacked, it moves back to its original position. Using bombers and setting the enemy rows on fire will be very appropriate here.

If you help the dwarf and win, you will unlock a new card — Golden Froth. It is also up to you whether to leave the treasures to Murko, return them to the elder or take them with you. We decided to return the treasures.

Head up the mountain until a text box appears. You can attack the Barbegazi. If you agree, a shortened battle To the Rescue starts. You must win by the total amount of strength on the board, but there is also an optional task — to kill Barbegazi. During the battle, you have to keep your eye on the cart with fallen soldiers. By default, it has two charges. If there is a unit to the right of the cart, then the charge increases by 1 point. If there is no unit, the charge falls by 1 point. You win if you kill both Barbegazi or raise the cart’s charge to 5. You lose if it falls to 0.

Another specific thing here is that if the Barbegazi do not receive damage, they move the cards standing in the same row as the fallen soldiers to the nearby row. Because of this, the cart gradually loses its charge. Generally, it should not be too complicated: place the first card next to the right side of the cart. It can be, for example, Gabor +, who deals 20 damage (you will destroy one Barbegazi and deal 5 damage to another). For the next turn, place the archer to the right of Gabor and attack the Barbegazi. Then use Decoy to return Gabor + to your hand, and play it again next turn, defeating the remaining foe.

Go up the road and activate the signpost. There will be villages to the top and bottom of it. In the upper one, there is a dwarf with a puzzle. Start it.

Stone Hearth puzzle

You need to destroy the Stone Hearth’s resident hero, Garth Rockstew. Meve and Rockstew will be at the battlefield from the very beginning of the battle. Both of them have 30 strength, but both have no abilities. In this battle, you will use mana for the first time. Pay attention to the fact that each card has a certain mana requirement. Mana is a blue rune card in the bottom row. Your opponent has the same one in his bottom row. Every turn you draw a card.

This way, if in the first turn you could only play a card with 1 mana cost, then in the second it is 2 mana cost, or two cards with 1 mana cost. All the cards you have also have the Order tag. Play the card and skip the move: you will have the charge for the next one and will be able to use the order. Each turn, if the card was not destroyed, the charge will be restored. We recommend using all the charges to attack Rockstew. Even if you do not kill him, you will win by total strength anyway.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-65
The reward for winning is the Blizzard card

Remnants puzzle

After solving the previous puzzle, unlock a new avatar for the online mode by opening the chest that appears next to the dwarf. In the lower village you will find a notice board and another puzzle — Remnants. Your objective is to kill both the Reckless and the Shrewd Vampires.

So, there are two vampires — Shrewd and Reckless. Both have the same 2 charges, but it operates in turn. The Reckless will always take the strongest card, moving it to the Wagenburg card in the top row. Moving cards is inevitable, but every time a new one appears, Wagenburg’s armor increases.

The Shrewd vampire will intercept the card with less strength. You should use it! Make sure the vampires only capture Decoys. If they are move Lyrian Scytheman or Hajduk to their side, the battle will be lost automatically.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-68

Here is the solution:

  1. Put a Decoy to the row where you have everyone. The Reckless vampire will move it up.
  2. Put another Decoy, but this time apple Meve’s ability on the Lyrian Hajduk card. This card will be strengthened. Loyalty on Scytheman will also work, increasing his strength. Decoys will have less strength, so end your turn and observe how the Shrewd vampire takes on of them.
  3. Instead of putting next Decoy to the only available place, use the Fortitude Tonic card to increase its strength. Reckless vampire will steal it as well.
  4. Place Decoy and finish the turn, so that the Shrewd vampire moves it to his half.
  5. Use Meve’s ability on Wagenburg to raise its armor from three to four. This is enough — now use the Wagenburg to attack the row with both vampires. You will kill them.

Meet with Brouver Hoog

After solving the previous puzzle, collect the resources, including the note, climb up and head left. Turn to the left from the trail, passing by the dragon that you can fight. Here you can go down to three dwarfs. A treasure map is located above one of the open crypts. Pick it up, talk to dwarfs and decide what do with them.

Return to the dragon and fight him, if you wish. The standard battle is called Blood in the Snow. It is a simple fight to get more resources. Go up and run into a cutscene. Talk to Gabor on all the topics.

Head up and turn left. Here you can attack the Nilfgaardians. A shortened battle will begin. This will be an easy fight since a new card will appear on the battlefield — Meve: Avenger. This card instantly kills a random target once a turn. At the end of the battle, you will listen to dwarfs’ complaints and will have to pay a fine. However, the gold and wood return in chests left by the enemy army.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 3: Summit Meeting-71

Climb up, turn left and find two arguing dwarfs. After talking to them, go up the slope (to the left of them) and discover a question mark. This is a starting point for a shortened battle called Twin Peaks. When you win the battle and look through the device, decide what to do — lie or tell the truth. We chose the latter.

Before leaving this location for good, take the last treasure chest. It is well hidden — even the map clue is not obvious at all. The place you need is next to the Specters of the Past puzzle. Inside the opened chest, you will find the card Keltullis: Regeneration for the multiplayer mode.

And here is another card fragment:

There is a bank in this place. If you put 500 or 2500 gold in it, you will get three times more later. Most likely, in the fourth or fifth chapter.

Go to Brouver and talk to him. If you accuse Zigrins, you will lose all the Zigrin cards. You can apologize and keep Zigrin in your deck. Once on the other side of the gates, head forward. Pick up the note from the obelisk, and follow through until you are attacked by the elves. The Battle of Langbridge begins. It lasts one round though. Winning here is easy peasy. Use the slingers and Brouver to move the enemy units from the melee row to the ranged. There is a cliff there — if the unit shares a row with it, it immediately perishes. This is your advantage!

After the victory, you will receive a new card — Crow's Eye. Talk to Saevel, collect resources, pick up the note at the obelisk and go inside. Soon a new card — Volunteer Corps — will be added to your army. Gabor will also ask to stay with you. You can get rid of him or accept him in your ranks. This choice is only available if you have not accused Zigrin when talking to Brouver before the Langbridge.