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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Release date: October 23, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen

A detailed walkthrough to the fifth chapter of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales: puzzles, maps, treasure chests, card fragments, quests and battles


Go to the Meeting with Villem

Go to the right, use a signpost, cross the bridge and talk with the man with a light in his hand a couple of times. He’ll give you around 1000 gold. There is a house with Nilfgaardian banner nearby. You can spend 250 gold to replace the banner and increase the level of morale. Soon you’ll get to the fortress to start a new battle — In the Barracks. This is a standard two round battle. When the fight is over, seek through the camp to find resources and a treasure map.

Go down the road up to the next signpost. Don’t cross the bridge. Go left until you reach a destroyed town. Farmers will tell you about some monster living in the forest. Go northwest, then walk southwest and you’ll find the monster. Here a shortened The Guardian of Ruewode battle will start.

Your enemy has 700 strength points but you can still eliminate the monster by constantly damaging it and destroying the enemy's units. Note that whenever Leshen takes damage, the amount of bonus damage increases by 1. The more Ravens and Wolves you kill, the more bonus damage increases. So, use the cards which damage a couple of units (sometimes with Leshen amongst them) at once, for example, Fire Scorpions, Sappers, Strays Slingers etc. After winning the battle, collect resources and walk northeast to find one more battlefield. This time you’re free to choose your own tactics.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-7

Cross the bridge and you’ll see the Nilfgaardian fortress on the southwest. Here you’ll also find a destroyed village with Nilfgaardian soldier standing next to the entrance. This village has been slaughtered. The enemies will offer to buy their freedom. If you accept their offer, you’ll get 500 gold but decrease the level of morale. If you have them shackled and bound, you’ll increase the level of morale. Head north until you see a cave and a puzzle. Don’t forget to get to the hill on your left and find a chest with a new avatar border for Gwent multiplayer card game (you can do it before or after solving the puzzle).

Hare Caverns Puzzle

You need to combine at least three identical cards to damage the Wyvern. This is a very simple task: you just need to use your leader’s ability in order to move a card to an adjacent vertical or horizontal position so there will be three cards in a row. These cards will be destroyed but they will also bring damage to the enemy’s units.

Keep Going

Come back, walk south and turn left. You may take a letter from a notice board near the entrance to Gradobor. Interact with the gates and attack the town taken by Nilfgaard if you want to. This will be a shortened The Siege of Gradobor battle. Use Zigrin and Decoy (which can be used twice) to destroy Castle Gate. The rest of the battle is quite usual.

Important notice! After the fight, the merchants will ask you to revoke Nilfgaardian reforms. If you fulfill the merchants’ request, Zigrin will leave your army.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-13

Head for another fork. If you’ve made an investment in Mahakam’s bank, you’ll find a wagon with your earnings on your left. You may either receive gold or distribute the coin among your soldiers and increase the level of morale. On the northwest from here you can trade with the elves. Besides, you may have a fight with Nilfgaardian soldiers during a standard battle — A New Order. There is also a shrine for increasing the level of morale, next to Nilfgaardian camp. After winning the battle, get some resources and a new letter.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-14

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Go southwest from the Mahakam's bank wagon (or from the previous signpost). The map shows a round closed area. Once you get to this location, Gascon will tell you that he needs to step out for a bit. Follow Gascon and tell him that you’ve just been worried about him. Then, you’ll get to know that the ruined tomb belongs to Gascon's family.

Spend 1000 gold to restore the tomb. If you do so, Gascon won’t leave your army, and his card will become more strong — Gascon+. Otherwise, it’s most likely that Gascon will leave your squad, or the card won’t be upgraded.

Go south from the signpost (right from the Mahakam's bank wagon) to find a cemetary in the woods. There are lots of resources and a new puzzle — The Cost of Ambition.

The Cost of Ambition Puzzle

You need to banish all enemy cards before yours are banished. This puzzle resembles a well-known card game where you and your opponent need to open two cards in turn trying to find a pair of equal cards. But in this puzzle, your opponent will banish any two of your cards, while you need to find two equal cards among your enemy’s ones. You should try to remember each card. End your turn if you didn’t manage to choose the right pair of cards and then try again.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-18
Sooner or later, you got to win the battle and get a new card — Black Blood. You’ll also get a chest with Xavier Lemmens card for a multiplayer card game. The chest has a letter inside

Keep Going

Come back to the signpost, walk southeast over the wooden bridge and start a Nilfgaardian Outpost battle. This is a standard two round fight. When the battle is over, seek through the camp to find resources and a treasure map. Then walk downwards and talk with the soldier. You can either buy a card fragment (which costs 100 gold) or simply take it from him and decrease the level of morale.

Get to the meeting point with Villem and decide what to do: accept his terms, refuse to accept them or arrest Villem. We’ve chosen the first variant since in this case you get a new card — Prince Villem. You can add it to your deck right away.

Cross the bridge and find a buried chest in the woods (in case you’ve found the tr

easure map). It has a Prince Villem card inside which can be used in a multiplayer card game. Go further, have a standard Frolics and Revels battle if you want to. Seek through the village and walk northeast where you’ll find the Troll and start a new puzzle — The Troll Gourmand.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-23

The Troll Gourmand Puzzle

Troll is going to have a dinner, and the main ingredients of his meal are human units. Each unit has its own scent. You’ll have the cards with various ingredients for the soup. You need to put the right sequence of these cards into the left side of your opponent’s melee row, so that Troll uses only these ingredients for his soup.

This is the right sequence:

  • Mandrake
  • Foul Ale
  • Skulls
  • Mushrooms

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-27

When the fight is over, go left up to the camp with the enemy’s press. If you win the shortened battle, Gascon will suggest them taste their own medicine. Next, go north until you find a small village and a new puzzle.

Ravenholm Puzzle

Your task is to boost one unit to at least 125 power. This is the easiest puzzle. Use your leader's ability. First, use it on any of Arachas Drones. After that, use it on the Drone with the max odd power. Try to choose the card with odd power Drones all around it. A leader has many charges and tries. Once the unit is boosted to at least 125 power, the puzzle will be solved.

Keep Going

Head for the next signpost. There is the Caldwell family's residence to the north. Get to it and talk with Dragomir. He’ll confirm that he didn’t know anything about his father’s plans and will ask for your mercy. You can banish his family or let him stay. Dragomir will give you 1000 gold if you choose the second variant. Talk with him a few more times to get 178 gold. Find a chest with a new avatar border for a multiplayer card game behind the residence.

There is one more Nilfgaardian camp to the right of the residence. Interact with the camp to start a new standard battle — Wake-Up Call. There is a quarry in the neighboring camp. During The Battle at Ravenkluft you should either have more strength points to destroy the enemy or eliminate all Slave Drivers.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-34
You’ll get a new Muzzle card after winning the battle

Have a few more fights before crossing the Kaveldun bridge. There is a House Obert fortress not far from the bridge. You may ask them for help and get a new Reinforced Ballista card. Talk more with House Obert to get gold, wood and recruits.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-35

After that, come to Kaveldun and attack the town. You’ll have a shortened story battle — The Siege of Kaveldun. This battle is not a usual one since you’ll have to kill not only soldiers but also Castle Gate and Palisade. After the fight, you’ll have to decide the blacksmith's fate. This would be enough to have him lashed to increase your army’s level of morale

Right over the Kaveldun bridge, you’ll find a signpost. Interact with the blue flag on the right to get more recruits. There is also a house the inhabitant of which wants to sell a card fragment, so you’ll have to spend 2500 gold to get it.

Go upwards to the cow pasture to have a new puzzle — The Cattle Conspiracy.

The Cattle Conspiracy Puzzle

Deranged Cows can eat both Rotting Corps and Scytheman. If Rotting Corps is consumed, damage the consuming unit by the value of the counter. When Scytheman is consumed, Deranged Cow gets 3 more strength points. Rotting Corps replaces Scytheman that has just been consumed.

Every turn, on turn start, Rotting Corps gains 1 counter. Use Poison and choose Rotting Corps to increase its counter by 1. You have one more useful card — Retreat. Use it on Scytheman only. Remember that you don’t have to swap its position with the adjacent card — this can be Rotting Corps or Lyrian Hut which are on the other side of the row.

Solution to the puzzle:

  1. Use Retreat to choose the main Scytheman and swap its position with the Rotting Corps which is on the right end of the row. End your turn.
  2. Use Retreat and choose the main Scytheman and swap its position with the adjacent Rotting Corps which is on the right. End your turn.
  3. Use Poison and choose Rotting Corps below the Cow which is on the right side of the row. You’ll increase the counter to 4. End your turn.
  4. The Cow on the left side will be eliminated. Use Retreat and choose the Scytheman which is below the second Cow and swap its position with the Rotting Corps that is on the very right end of the row. End your turn and the puzzle will be solved.

Keep Going

Go north from the cow pasture up to another village. Nilfgaardians have left it but they’ve managed to take something heavy out of the village using a wagon. So you have to decide whether you pursue the fleeing Nilfgaardians or take the village without a fight. If you choose the first variant and win the battle, you’ll find out that those heavy objects are just some scrap.

After that, you’ll need to save Barnabas from the locals. This would be enough to just flog him. Then you’ll have to make another decision: ignore Broadhead’s hardships, invest in the city’s failing workshops or entrust the city's future to Barnabas. If you choose the last variant, you’ll lose Barnabas card.

Workforce Puzzle

Go down the road until you see a camp above. There you’ll find a new puzzle. You should eliminate all the Slave Drivers and don't let any of your units die. There are Slave Drivers and Slaves in your enemy's rows. Every turn Slave Drivers damage Slaves by 1. When damaged by Slave Driver, Slave damages the lowest enemy by 1. Here is the solution:

  1. Put Scytheman and use your leader’s ability to strengthen the unit. End your turn.
  2. Put Horse Thief next to Scytheman (to the right). Use Horse Thief’s ability to damage the Slave on the left. End your turn.
  3. Put one of Alchemists next to Horse Thief (to the right). Use Alchemist’s Order on the Thief with 1 strength point. As a result, Alchemist will set its power equal to the Scytheman's to its left. End your turn.
  4. Use your leader's ability on the Alchemist which is in your row to increase the number of its strength points to 9. Put Lyrian Hajduk to the left of Alchemist so the latter gets a charge for Order. End your turn.
  5. On turn start, the Slave on the left side will exchange its power with the Horse Thief's one. Put the second Alchemist into your row. Then, in turn, use Alchemists’ Orders on the central and right Slaves respectively (just in this order). End your turn. Slave Drivers will attack the Slaves who will have just 11 strength points left. Slave Driver units have fewer points — so we’re all done!

The Battle for Rivia Castle

Walk upwards and talk with the woman which has a question mark above her head. You can either buy or take a card fragment from her. Get to the castle and carry out an attack. Stop supplies from getting through. Next, meet Ardal Aep Dahy.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-42

Go upwards and talk with your advisors. Reynard will suggest a plan, and Gascon will want to lead the assault. You’ll have to decide who should be a leader. Anyway, the one who goes to the castle will die. Make your choice! Then, The Battle of Rivia puzzle will begin.

The Battle of Rivia Puzzle

You need to infiltrate the Tower and do not let the spy die. This puzzle is really easy to solve. Put Gascon in the right bottom corner of the battlefield. Once the battle starts, eliminate two Spotters: the nearest ones in one row up from you and in the uppermost row (the one which is on the right). You’ll have to end your turn twice.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-45

Next, put Gascon in the uppermost row using your leader's ability and then move him to the left. In the upper row, the Spotter (which has approached you) will become a Knight. Besides, you’ll swap your position with it. All that is left is to take one step to the left and stand next to the Tower.

After solving this puzzle, you’ll have the final battle — The Upper Keep. Choose the strongest cards for this battle so Ardal doesn’t benefit from the leader’s ability. Then apply your usual tactics. You can spawn fire on the rows to get a considerable advantage. After winning the battle, watch a video clip.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-46

Epilogue. Twilight of the Golden Sun

Go south and start a shortened battle — Nilfgaardian Survivors. After that, you’ll have one more battle but that’s the easy bit. Then you just have to get to the camp and watch the final video clip.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Return of the Queen-47