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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Release date: May 9, 2016
Platforms: PlayStation 4

20 Most Crazy and Original Achievements in Video Games

Care for a garden gnome in Half-Life 2, self-irony of the Uncharted developers, Indiana Jones in Civilization 5 — remembering the most difficult, unusual and interesting achievements in games

It's a special ritual for many people to get achievements in games. Gamers are ready to go through the thick and thin in virtual reality to achieve cherished 100%. Today we will tell you about the most unusual, interesting, and, sometimes, mocking achievements in games.

The Fight: Lights Out — The Champ achievement

The Fight: Lights Out is a fighting for PS Move. To get the achievement, you need to take first place in one of the online tournaments.

The problem is, points are not reset. It means that each next player should gather more points than the previous one. It's almost impossible to get this achievement without some help from your friends.

But even in this case, you have to be a bit inventive — to stick to sequence and timing of key strokes when starting matches and watch over the difference between your rate and your friends' rates — it shouldn't be more than 300 points.

There is no any mentioning about it in the game, that's why you can spend a lot of time to understand why you can't connect with your friend.

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Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter — The World Champion achievement

Developers of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter are even more cruel to gamers. The essence of the World Champion achievement: to take first place not in one of the several modes, but in the global rating of the game.

Let us rephrase that: a player should become the best of the best in Advanced Warfighter to get this achievement. By the way, servers of this game are unavailable, so you can't get this achievement.

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TowerFall Ascension — The Massive Mythology achievement

The creator of TowerFall Ascension added solely offline multiplayer solely in his indie platform game on purpose. He wanted that gamers come together in front of the TV like in the good old days. Maybe the game designer counted on the fact, that his game will be a friendly chats star, or he is a true troll — we have no other reasons to explain Massive Mythology.

To get the achievement, you need to play 500 PvP-matches! Even if you have a lot of interested friends, this process becomes a routine really fast, let alone single gamers.

The developer trolled PS4 owners with a great success. While this achievement is estimated at 100 GS on Xbox One (PSN variation of ‘’gold’’), on PlayStation it's only ‘'bronze’’.

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Half-Life 2: Episode Two — The Little Rocket Man achievement

In the second episode of Half-Life 2, there is an unusual achievement. To get this achievement, you should carry a garden gnome from the first chapter to the last, put it into a space rocket and send into space.

The difficulty is that the main hero can't shoot when he holds the statuette as he can carry it using a gravity gun only. There are a lot of open spaces in the game, where you can lose the gnome easily.

This gnome can be found in the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign ‘’Dark Carnival’. If you carry it through the whole campaign and fly away with it in a helicopter, you'll get the achievement ‘’Guardin' Gnome’’.

Garry’s Mod — The Yes, I’m the Real Garry achievement

We can't miss Garry's Mod — there is one amusing achievement. To get it, you should play on the one server with the mod creator — Garry Newman.

You have to be very lucky because now the game designer doesn't play his old project, that's why it's difficult to get a session with him. As an option, you can watch his profile on Steam and expect, that he'll enter the game.

There is one more option. A group of trophy hunters 100Pals wrote Garry an e-mail and asked him to help with this achievement. On March 4, 2018 there was an in-game meeting with the mod creator, about 443 players have got this rare achievement.

Left 4 Dead — The Zombie Genocidest achievement

In the first Dead Rising, there is the Zombie Genocider achievement. You can get it if you kill 53594 zombies. It's the exact number of people living in Willamette (the setting of the game) before a zombie outbreak started.

Developers of Left 4 Dead decided to surpass colleagues from Japan and added the Zombie Genocidest achievement — kill 53595 zombies! You can use the user's maps to quicken the process, if you play on PC, of course.

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Dead Rising — The 7 Day Survivor achievement

Since we've made reference to Dead Rising, let's remember one more crazy achievement from the game. A player will get it if he or she survives in the endless mode 7 in-game days — 14 hours of real time — without any opportunity to save the game.

In addition, you have to feed the character to prevent his death from starvation, but food and water don't reappear on the map. Add to those hordes of hungry deadmen. One mistake and start all over again.

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Rockband 2 — The Bladder of Steel Award achievement

The title speaks for itself — you need to have a steel bladder to get it. It requires to finish a 7-hour setlist, not to fail any song and not to put the game on a pause.

You can invite your friends and replace each other regularly to make the process easier. Don't forget to charge batteries, or preferably play using a wired controller.

Mortal Kombat — The My Kung Fu Is Stronger achievement

It's easier to become a kung fu master in the real world than in Mortal Kombat. You have to achieve mastery with all 28 fighters to get My Kung Fu Is Stronger.

In numbers: 2800 wins in matches, 2800 fatalities, 4200 X-Ray-attacks, 280000 spilled liters of blood and at least 672 hours in the game. Basically, it's not so difficult to do, but it's a very monotonous and time-consuming process.

The Stanley Parable — The Commitment achievement

It's a simple but unusual achievement. You need to play The Stanley Parable whole Tuesday to unlock it. It means, that you should launch the game on Monday and quit on Wednesday at the earliest.

You can get the achievement in one of two ways: to start the game and leave it running or to change time on the system clock.

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Uncharted 4 — The Stage Fright achievement

At E3 2015, there was an upsetting surprise for developers from Naughty Dog. They were supposed to finish the PlayStation press conference spectacularly by the demonstration of Uncharted 4, but the main character stood still for half a minute.

It became clear what happened after the show. A presenter, who was responsible for the demonstration, took the wrong gamepad. Happily, a technical team understood what's wrong and switched control to a developer.

Guys from Naughty Dog know how to laugh at themselves. They added the trophy ‘’Stage Fright’’ in the release version of the game. To get it you should stand still for 30 seconds on the exact place where the E3 demo started.

Mega Man 10 — The Mr. Perfect achievement

Mega Man 10, which was released in 2010, is stylized as classic NES-games — it has the same 8-bit graphics, familiar enemies and interface. It has a lower difficulty level and the benign run-through mode.

However, developers prepared the Mr. Perfect achievement for hardcore players. You need to finish the game without any damage to get it. Of course, you can achieve it on the low difficulty level, but even in this case, it's a lot of work.

20 Most Crazy and Original Achievements in Video Games-7

Gears of War 3 — The Seriously 3.0 achievement

Only a true fan of Gears of War 3 can get this achievement, but he probably will hate it after that. If you want to become the proud owner of Seriously 3.0, you need to collect all 65 onyx medals and reach the 100th level.

It requires only one year. Or maybe more if you don't want to play round the clock. Besides, the process is so boring, that it's impossible to enjoy it.

The game also can reset all progress. Some gamers complained of the error ‘’profile damaged’’, so they had to start all over again.

Pure Hold’em — Pure Poker

You think that it's too long to achieve the 100th level in Gears of War 3? Probably you didn't hear about the Pure Poker achievement in Steam-version of Pure Hold'em (this achievement is unavailable on game consoles).

You need to achieve the 100th rank, which requires about 10000 hours of real time! It's a result of the fact that to reach every next level you need to get 10% more XP than for all previous taken together.

20 Most Crazy and Original Achievements in Video Games-8

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz — the Denizen achievement

100 is a favorite number for many developers. If in two previous cases a player should spend a lot of time to achieve the 100th level, in Treasures of Montezuma Blitz you need to play 100 hours.

While spending so much time on a monotonous Match 3 game is a special torture itself, a timer is on only during matches. And those last just 1-4 minutes. To get the achievement, you have to play from 1500 to 6000 rounds.

And since this project is free-to-play, developers don't allow you to play the game for a long time without breaks: you have to wait until your lives are restored or pay. By the way, you don’t actually have to do that because you can cheat by changing time settings in the system.

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Max Payne 3 — The Shadows Rushed Me achievement

Do you like good old time challenges? Then The Shadows Rushed Me achievement in Max Payne 3 is made just for you. To unlock it, you should speedrun the game without saves and kill all enemies. Time is up? Too bad, start all over. Ran out of ammo? Game over, go to the very beginning. Missed an enemy? You have to start all over again.

20 Most Crazy and Original Achievements in Video Games-10

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty — The Great Dane achievement

A player needs to collect 218 various dog tags. To get them, sneak up to an enemy from the back and take aim at him — the enemy will raise his hands. Walk around him and aim for the head. After a while, the enemy starts to dance and drops a dog tag. Or he can start to insult you; in this case, you should suppress him by shooting his hand or leg, or in the air — it's important not to kill him because you can't pick up a dog tag from the corpse.

As this is a brilliant game by genius Hideo Kojima, each soldier on each of the difficulty levels has his own dog tag! As the result, to collect all dog tags you have to complete the game 5 times, spending 10 hours on each walkthrough. Genius!

Civilization 5 — The Raiders of the Lost Ark achievement

The title and conditions for getting this achievement are references to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. To achieve it, you need to send an American archaeologist to extract an Artifact from Egypt . However, it’s not that simple: your unit should be chased by a German archaeologist at a distance of two tiles.

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In a single player campaign, it's almost impossible to get the achievement: all three nations should reach the industrial age, then the computer should send a German researcher following yours. Happily, you can get this achievement in the hot-seat mode.

Total War: Rome 2 — The This is Total War! achievement

Developers from Creative Assembly decided — if a game is called Total War, you should play it accordingly. A player will get the This is Total War! achievement only if he declares war on each fraction he meets on the first move of acquaintance and declines peaceful negotiations.

So, you have to fight against everybody and defeat them. It's important to be not only an excellent military strategist but also an economist to get the achievement: it's difficult to support the economy in situations of endless war.

20 Most Crazy and Original Achievements in Video Games-12

Super Mario RPG — Super suit

It is an in-game attainment, not an achievement in the ordinary sense, but we decided to mention it anyway. You need to be a very lucky and skilled player to get a secret super suit in Super Mario RPG.

What should be done? Jump on an enemy 100 times during the battle. It's important to be concentrated and calculate accurately when to press the jump button. A small mistake and you fail!