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Release date: April 12, 2012
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Warface: Tips And Tricks

Study these tips and tricks that you’ll certainly need in combat

This guide is mostly directed towards newbies, but veterans may also find it useful.

Smoke grenades

Warface: Tips And Tricks-1

Don’t search for videos or articles telling you how to configure your hardware in a way that smoke grenades to not impair your vision. In most cases, such sources lead to malware that will steal your account in the best-case scenario. Editors do not recommend downloading third-party software on your PC. Bear in mind that fair play is the key to success! Nevertheless, you can shoot an enemy through an active smoke grenade and we’ll tell you how to do it:

  • The main method is to shoot in short bursts through the smoke (if you are a stormtrooper or an engineer). The hit indicator is activated by default, so you can track the damage to the enemy if you hit the target. Aim at the head.
  • All maps in the game have the main source of light. If you throw the smoke grenade and position yourself at the right angle, you’ll see the enemies’ silhouettes in smoke (but nothing more). For this, set graphics to the minimum, as you won’t see any results on medium graphics.
  • If the grenade arrived right under your feet, take your knife and hit it. The grenade will fly away to the side of your aim. This works with any types of grenades in the game.

Stun grenades

At first glance, it is an unremarkable grenade with “holes” in it. What is it for? It does not damage enemies! In reality, stun grenades are the most insidious throwing weapons in Warface. Imagine that several enemies are around the corner and they have no defense from such grenades. All you need to do is throw M84 under the feet of your opponents and then kill them one by one as they’ll be blind as kittens.

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  • The grenade works for slightly more than 3 seconds. This is enough to kill all enemies. The correct helmet (“the tactical helmet”) will decrease the effect of the grenade by less than 1 second. This time won’t be sufficient enough for your opponent to react. In some moments this can even be favorable to you as the enemy will think that you are under the influence of the stun grenade.
  • If you are blinded, don’t panic. In such moments, seasoned fighters immediately look at the mini-map at the upper left corner of the screen. This small map can be used to find a shelter and wait until the negative influence from the stun grenade is over.

Warface: Tips And Tricks-3

  • Warface is a team game so use M84 with caution as you can blind your teammates together with your enemies. Make sure that your teammates are out of the range and then throw the grenade.

M84 tricks

  • You’ll be affected by the stun grenade even if you turn away from it while staying in its range. However, if you look at the grenade through the auto mirror, you won’t be affected.
  • M84 works much faster than frag grenades. If you can’t find a shelter before the explosion, try to increase the distance between yourself and the grenade. The negative effect from the grenade will disappear much faster.

Outfit for various game modes

New players often make mistakes when they choose their outfit in various game modes. In our case, we should distinguish the outfit not only between modes but also between the class of the fighter. We’ll look at common mistakes and we will provide tips to prevent them below.

Quick game, rating matches and clan battle

Quick game matches are the main PvP battles in Warface. Here, gamers fight with their “combat” armor. This is understandable as the “combat equipment” (helmets and flak jackets in particular) can restore health points and armor points during the combat. There are no well-organized teams, so help from medics and engineers is always under question, but if you are in the “combat” and “elite” armor it does not bother you.

Rating matches and clan battles are completely different. Surely, each member of a well-organized team has his own preferences regarding weapons and armor, but we’ll just give our recommendations:


  • “Tactical Helmet” or “Atlas Helmet”. While the Tactical Helmet reduces damage from stun grenades, the Atlas Helmet allows to detect antipersonnel mines that are close to you.
  • Flak jacket of the player’s choice.
  • “Kevlar Gloves” or “Stormtrooper Gloves”.
  • “Assault Boots”, “Sport Boots” or “Absolute Boots”. Absolute Boots rank second by speed and delay the explosion of antipersonnel mines by 2 seconds.


  • “Tactical Helmet” or “Atlas Helmet”.
  • Flak jacket of the player’s choice.
  • “Kevlar Gloves” or “Medic Gloves”.
  • “Rubber Boots” or “Absolute Boots”.


  • “Tactical Helmet” or “Atlas Helmet”.
  • Flak jacket of the player’s choice.
  • “Kevlar Gloves” or “Engineer Gloves”.
  • “Strong Boots” or “Absolute Boots”.


  • “Tactical Helmet” or “Atlas Helmet”.
  • Flak jacket of the player’s choice.
  • “Kevlar Gloves”. These gloves are an optimal choice for every fighter but especially for a sniper. They increase the recharge speed and increase the speed of close-range weapon attack by 40%.
  • “Elastic Boots”. Sniper provides cover for most teams. He does not need to run fast and to be the first one at the enemy base. His secret of success to stay silent and careful.

Objects that can be shot through

If you know that the enemy is behind a wooden door and awaits you, think whether you need to come close or you can solve the problem alternatively.

Seasoned players know every hole in Warface and they won’t be surprised by this information. However, newcomers need to know it. You can shoot through many objects on the map. For this, you need to buy a flame trap.

How do they work? Most newcomers believe that flame traps serve to increase damage to the opponent, but it’s not that simple. These modules decrease the loss of damage* with distance and also increase armor-piercing capacity**.

  • * Each weapon deals a certain amount of damage and has a maximum shooting distance. Example: the damage of your gun is 84 points while the shooting distance is 14 meters. The damage done to the body and limbs will be as stated above if the distance between you and the enemy is less than 14 meters. However, if the enemy will start moving way, the damage level will decrease significantly. The flame trap serves to decrease this fall.
  • ** If you shoot objects with a gun that has no flame trap installed, you’ll deal less damage.

Here are the objects that can be shot through:

  • Some trees;
  • Some wooden boxes;
  • Metal doors, barriers and fences;
  • All metal containers that you can get into;
  • All wooden doors and walls;
  • Mirrors and car tires;
  • Awnings (examples can be found on maps “Pyramid’ or “Air Base”);

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